KSW Reaches Security Milestone with MasterCard Certification for Thinlam® Prelaminates

Dresden, Germany - KSW Microtec AG, one of the world's leading suppliers of RFID components and inlays for secure cards and documents, has received MasterCard Certification for its innovative Thinlam® prelaminate.

This latest milestone follows the strategy to offer RFID components and Thinlams® for high security applications in the fields of eBanking and eGovernment. This strategic move encouraged KSW Microtec to initiate further expansion in its production environment at its headquarters in Dresden. The MasterCard Certification for KSW's Thinlam product family enabled KSW Microtec to offer a new generation of Thinlam® prelaminates with Microcontrollers for banking applications at the highest security level manufactured in Germany.

Now, with MasterCard Specialized Vendor Certification, KSW Microtec can capitalize on its investment in innovation and high standards, by consolidating its position in existing markets, strengthen its position in the banking and eGovernment sectors and enter new markets, such as healthcare.

"This Specialized Vendor Certification from MasterCard combined with the MasterCard CQM certificate, demonstrates KSW's commitment to upholding the highest security standard," says Ines Leonhardt, Head of Quality Management at KSW Microtec.

Following receipt of the Specialized Vendor Certification, which is specific to KSW Mictrotec's newly introduced mobile phone sticker for ePayment, eTicketing and loyalty - and is the result of customer recommendations, the company is already seeing new orders from its trusted customers, especially in the American market.

In addition, the MasterCard CQM, a card quality management program ensuring high quality standards throughout the entire production process of MasterCard-branded products, applies to the manufacture of KSW's inlays for contactless-only ID-1 cards, specifically for the company's Thinlam® and mobile phone sticker products.

Both certifications also mean that beyond providing customers and partners in ePayment and eGovernment with a total and reliable solution, KSW Microtec can now set its sights on a market that runs into the several millions in terms of dollar revenues and the 100 millions in terms of the number of prelaminates supplied.

KSW's polycarbonate Thinlam®, is already widely used in volume to meet the security demands of issuers of highly secure cards and documents of all types. In order to achieve this, multiple foil layers need to be added and large memory security microcontrollers need to be incorporated, while maintaining ISO standards for maximum card thickness. Due to its extreme thinness down to 200µm and proven ability to support the manufacture of HF and UHF RFID cards with multiple layers, Thinlam® is fit for purpose.

Furthermore, special construction techniques provide a mechanical stability due to KSW's patented working technology for both the chip and the antenna. The technology is successfully proven and Thinlam® is already produced in volume. Issuers are guaranteed availability, durability and reliability. Now, with a fully accredited product, KSW Microtec is set to extend its reach into new markets and new applications.

About KSW
KSW Microtec AG, with its headquarters in Germany, is the world's leading supplier of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) components for applications such as eTicketing, ePayment, Asset Management, Access Control and High Security. KSW combines successfully high-end wafer processing, extremely efficient assembly technology and far-reaching expertise in design. KSW has earned itself a leading position on the market as one of the most efficient, and simultaneously most flexible, producers of RFID components. The globally active company was founded in 1994 and has clean room production facilities in Germany. KSW is an investment holding of the listed venture capital company Deutsche Effecten- und Wechsel-Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG headquartered in Jena. For more information see: www.ksw-microtec.de

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