Kozio, Inc. Helps Freescale Customers Speed Development of Network Communications Products

Kozio's diagnostics software now supports Freescale's MPC832x series processors

Longmont, Colo., March 20, 2007 - Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated hardware diagnostics ideally suited for board bring-up, manufacturing test and power on self test, today announced support for custom product designs using Freescale's MPC832x series of PowerPC processors, including the e300 core as well as the QUICC Engine(TM) technology.

With Kozio diagnostics, those using this series of Freescale processors in a variety of applications, including industrial quality control, will be able to speed product development and reduce time to market significantly. Through its partnership with Freescale, Kozio is able to provide proven, turnkey hardware diagnostics, including its kDiagnostics(TM), kManufacturing(TM), and kPOST(TM) products in just two to ten days.

Kozio's unique diagnostics tools offer testing and validation support for on-chip memory management units (MMUs), PCI controller, all DMA channels, local bus, and DDR-1/DDR-2 SDRAM memory controllers. In addition, Kozio provides built-in drivers and test suites for peripheral controllers such as Ethernet, USB, I2C, TDM, UART, and others.

"Our first client to use our diagnostics software for the Freescale MPC8323 PowerPC processor is a leading manufacturer of mobile broadband infrastructure equipment," said Al Arendt, director of sales at Kozio. "We're pleased to bring these turnkey diagnostic suites to our clients, to help them reduce designs costs and deliver reliable products faster. This is part of our effort to attend to growing needs in a variety of industries, by horizontally expanding our CPU and peripheral controller coverage, and vertically expanding our product features."

He adds that Kozio diagnostic software is a unique tool that can help internal design and quality control teams work more effectively than ever. "Kozio's software comes with its own boot loader, which performs all necessary CPU, bus, and memory configurations, allowing you to run diagnostics with no other software present," Arendt said. "In addition, this platform provides an easy-to-use tool for loading other applications into SDRAM, Flash, DSPs, or FPGAs, helping designers accelerate the board bring-up process."

Kozio's diagnostic software now supports the MPC8321, MPC8321E, MPC8323, and MPC8323E processors from Freescale. An evaluation version of kDiagnostics for the MPC832xE MDS reference platform is available immediately. The evaluation software allows Freescale processor purchasers to test the software, and then purchase a full version for their custom platform after getting a feel for the many benefits the product has to offer.

Kozio is a member of the Freescale Tools Alliance and the Freescale Design Alliance.

Benefits of Using Kozio Products

Kozio provides proven hardware validation software based on the schematics of product designers. In this manner, Kozio is able to deliver a complete package for custom hardware without tying up customer resources. This model has proven successful with large and small companies alike, who have used Kozio software during all phases of a product's lifecycle to save time and money.

Kozio at the Embedded Systems Conference

Kozio will be exhibiting at the Embedded Systems Conference - Silicon Valley, April 3-5. Please visit us at the Power.org booth #1216 where we have been invited as an AMCC Partner or at the Freescale booth #936.

About Freescale's MPC832x Processor Series

The MPC832x family of cost-effective network communications processors meet the requirements of several small office/home office (SOHO), access, IP services and industrial control applications. They provide better CPU performance, additional functionality and faster interfaces than current PowerQUICC(TM) II processors while addressing important time-to-market, price, power consumption and board real estate requirements.

About Kozio, Inc.

Kozio provides high-performance automated hardware diagnostics for today's complex computing devices. Kozio software improves and streamlines current test methodologies and processes with proven, turnkey diagnostics for custom boards implementing processors from AMCC, Freescale, or Intel. Kozio diagnostics can help throughout a product's lifecycle from validating new hardware in the lab and streamlining production test, to power-on self-test and automated returns testing. Kozio software reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage and end-product reliability. Kozio products are used by technology companies across the globe. For more information, please visit www.kozio.com


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