Korry Electronics Utilizes Anark to Enhance Marketing Communications Solutions for the 2007 Paris Air Show

Tier 1 supplier for the Boeing 787Dreamliner uses interactive 3D visualization to improve customer communication about custom products

Boulder, CO. January 16, 2007: Korry Electronics and Anark today announced a partnership to create a sophisticated 3D product and aircraft visualization tool. This solution will be used to interactively display the Korry line of custom-built control panels embedded within a virtual aircraft cockpit. This marketing-focused application will augment existing customer communication capabilities by providing highly detailed product images that emphasize individual component attributes and enhance consistency in product messaging.

Communicating the full breadth and capabilities of Korry's control panels is an essential part of their sales and marketing process. Because of the highly custom nature of Korry's products, creating accurate and compelling product visualization material for potential customers has historically been challenging. By utilizing Anark's advanced 3D applications, Korry is developing an innovative solution that enhances customer communications while highlighting individual product features and benefits. By providing accurate product visualizations, these applications also serve to strengthen Korry's interactions with the international community.

By utilizing an immersive 3D virtual environment, components are now displayed in highly detailed configurations within a virtual aircraft cockpit. These components can be individually selected and explored, allowing for the clear and effective highlighting of product differentiators. This application represents a significant step forward for Korry's product communication capabilities.

"Korry Electronics has always possessed a drive to operate on the leading edge of both our product technology and our customer support and communication," remarked Bruce Mitchell, Vice President of Sales for Korry. "By utilizing Anark's wide variety of 3D authoring and deployment capabilities, we are now offering a new level of product communication that is unmatched by our competition. Anark is helping us take our product marketing efforts to a whole new level."

Korry has developed a multi-tiered distribution plan for the new visualization application. Public displays will be offered at two upcoming aerospace tradeshows, Aero India and the 2007 Paris Air Show. This will be complemented by one-on-one sales presentations, internal product familiarization, and executive overviews.

"With our growing list of aerospace manufacturing customers, the upcoming Paris Air Show will be introduced to a whole new level of product visualization," noted Anark CEO Stephen Collins. "Two-dimensional product drawings, photographs and physical prototypes were once considered the standard; however they are increasingly being replaced by immersive interactive 3D presentations. Now individual components can be interactively explored or shown as an integrated element of system-wide visualizations."

About Anark:
Anark Corporation provides powerful enterprise software and solutions to organizations that need to cost effectively deliver high-end, interactive 3D based applications.

Anark customers such as Boeing, Cessna, Panasonic Avionics, Moog, Sony and Maserati improve efficiency, save money and communicate more effectively with mission-critical interactive Product Visualization, Training, Marketing Communications and User Interface applications.

About Korry:
Korry Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation, is the market leader in the design and manufacture of illuminated cockpit interface products for display and control, and is known for its expertise in lighting. Every Korry solution integrates expertise in optics, electronics and software, mechanical packaging, mechanism design, and human factors. The company was founded in 1937 by Boris Korry, a former Boeing engineer. Korry's products can be found on virtually all major aircraft programs around the world.

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