Kooltronic Now Offers Enclosure Heaters, Lights and Other Accessories

May 9, 2006 - Kooltronic, Inc., of Pennington, NJ, announced that it will be offering a new line of state-of-the-art enclosure accessories. These include heaters, thermostats, lights, electronic relays, humidity controls and air-flow monitors.

Enclosure heaters, in particular, have become more and more popular as they help add life to electrical enclosure components. Since an enclosure may be opened occasionally for maintenance during the daytime, it can gather air with a moisture content. At night, when the ambient temperature drops, the temperature inside of the enclosure also drops. Any moisture content means the relative humidity increases and could reach a point where liquid condensation occurs on the internal components. Heaters provide protection by heating the air inside of enclosures, and the electrical components within, preventing condensation.

"By adding these accessories to our product line, we have become a single source of thermal management for enclosures," remarked Kooltronic's Director of Sales and Marketing, Rich Wenstrom. "For an enclosure, you want the electrical components to be cooled during the day during operating hours and protected with heat during the night or cooler ambient temperature periods. Kooltronic offers solutions for both scenarios."

With 50 years of service to its customers, Kooltronic is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners, heat exchangers, fans and blowers designed specifically to cool the interior of enclosures containing heat sensitive electrical/electronic components. The company has a complete manufacturing facility and sales office at its headquarters in Pennington, NJ and a regional sales office in Ventura, CA.

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