Kontron Supports COM Express(TM) COM.0 R 2.0

Adding smaller footprint and future-oriented pin-outs to
leverage development of new applications

Eching, Germany - Kontron announced today full support of the recently launched PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG®) COM Express(TM) COM.0 R 2.0 specification. As a member of PICMG®, Kontron has been active in the development of the COM Express(TM) COM.0 R 2.0 specification. The new COM Express(TM) specification COM.0 Revision 2 further leverages the development of applications, improving time-to-market and TCO.

With the new revision of the COM Express(TM) specification, many innovations brought about by Kontron are now officially part of this industry standard, such as the COM Express(TM) compact form factor, which Kontron introduced in 2005 under the brand name "microETXexpress®". This smaller footprint for COM Express(TM) modules already is widely accepted by the market. Furthermore, two new pin-out types (type 6 and type 10) are detailed in the new revision. While maintaining maximum compatibility to the existent pin-outs, these new pin-out types offer dedicated interfaces for digital displays and other future-oriented features. The new revision defines, with EAPI, a uniform software interface for the board and module management. Kontron customers who used the Kontron K-station software tool kit and library are already familiar with most of the functionality of EAPI. An additional feature of the COM Express(TM) COM.0 Revision 2 specification is the creation and adoption of a sister specification EeeP (Embedded EEPROM Specification). EeeP facilitates describing the carrier functionality and embedding the system descriptor information (manufacturer, serial number, PCIe configuration, etc) on the carrier, simplifying system provisioning and maintenance in Multi Platform, Multi Vendor environments.

"With the new compact form factor and pin-outs defined in the COM Express(TM) COM.0 R 2.0 specification, we accomplished the implementation of all the features offered by the new processors into future-proof connector types. Customers can fully benefit from the enhanced graphics capabilities and on-board support for three dedicated digital display interfaces, plus the projected USB 3.0 interface, upgrade to PCI Express Gen 2, as well as from new serial interfaces. This accelerates the development of even more dedicated embedded platforms," explains Dirk Finstel, CTO of Kontron.

Kontron will soon launch new Computer-on-Modules with the newly defined pin-outs type 6 and 10. The upcoming type 6 module Kontron ETXexpress®-AI will feature three dedicated digital display interfaces configurable to SDVO, DisplayPort, and HDMI/DVI for flexible display connection and a total of 23 PCI Express Gen 2 lanes, providing more native display options and higher serial bandwidth. Pin-out type 10 is especially predestined for use on ultra small Computer-on-Modules such as Kontron's nanoETXexpress family, extending graphics capabilities with dual display support for the development of SFF designs for innovative, handheld applications. These new Kontron Computer-on-Modules will add to the existing comprehensive portfolio of long-term available Kontron COM Express(TM) type 2 and type 1 Computer-on-Modules. Kontron will also provide corresponding evaluation boards for these new COMs. For upcoming Kontron COM Express(TM) Computer on-Modules, Kontron will of course continue to provide type 1 or type 2 pin-outs, so that customers can benefit from the enhanced features of upcoming processor technologies without having to adapt their carrier board designs to the new, legacy free pin-out types.

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