Koh Young, MPM/Speedline 'Close the Loop' with SPI Print Optimizer Innovation

Koh Young Technology and MPM, a division of Speedline Technologies, Inc., announce the co-development of a closed-loop communications link between the MPM printer and a Koh Young Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system that allows the two to automatically work together to optimize the solder paste printing process.

The product of this developmental partnership, the SPI Print Optimizer, brings the inspection system and the printer together to not only identify defects (SPI system) but correct them (MPM printer). This prevents soldering defects downstream that result in excess rework, productivity delays, and lower yields. The innovative product is the result of a close collaboration between SPI and AOI inspection leader Koh Young and global automated printing technology leader MPM/Speedline, working together to build a better PCB assembly process with fewer defects and higher quality and is the first of its kind.

Based on the measurements of the SPI system (after the print) communicated to the printer, the printer software automatically adjusts printing parameters to optimize the print process and mitigate the solder problem that could result in defects. The SPI Print Optimizer works with all current MPM printers and KY SPI machines.

Studies have shown that the majority of circuit assembly defects begin at the paste printing step. By optimizing and managing solder paste printing effectively, a customer can prevent costly defects, rework, and delays downstream. The SPI Print Optimizer establishes a closed-loop communication between the inspection system and the screen printer. It allows the process engineer to monitor and improve the entire print process, rather than just a single parameter of the process.

In operation, SPI print offset measurements are sent directly to the printer for on-the-fly alignment correction. Rejected boards from the SPI machine can trigger a pre-programmed under-stencil cleaning wipe action.

The SPI Print Optimizer compensates for uncontrollable or difficult to control process variables, and achieves the desired print registration without manual process "tweaking". It either eliminates or reduces operator intervention and errors, and stabilizes the print process.

The SPI Print Optimizer is a powerful process optimization tool that is especially critical for lead-free and miniature component attachment, where solder paste volume control is extremely important, and can be used for process setup and fine tuning. Its overall contribution to PCB assembly is fewer soldering defects, higher yields, less operator intervention, improved product reliability and improved overall profitability.

About Koh Young Technology

Koh Young Technology, a leading provider of Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems, specializes in the design and manufacturing of 3D measurement and inspection equipment for the global circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China (Shenzhen) and Korea. For more information about the company, visit www.kohyoung.com.

About MPM/Speedline Technologies, Inc.

MPM, a division of Speedline Technologies, Inc. provides a complete line of fully automated, high-precision stencil printers that incorporate state-of-the-art technology. MPM offers 12.5 micron @ 6 sigma accuracy on every printer in the product line, an attribute that is unmatched in the industry.

With a heritage of process knowledge and expertise, MPM has industry-first technologies, including Automatic Pin Placement, look-up/look-down vision alignment, and closed-loop print pressure control. Recent MPM innovations, including enclosed-pump print head technology, texture-based bridge inspection and Gel-Flex conformal tooling, minimize material consumption, improve product yield and maximize printer uptime. For more information, visit http://www.speedlinetech.com/mpm.

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