Koh Young Inspection Technology 'Hits the Road' with 2013 U.S. Truck Tour

Embarks on Whirlwind Tour right from the Koh Young Exhibit Booth #143 at IPC/APEX 2013!

San Diego, California, USA - Koh Young's award-winning patented 3D inspection technology is 'hitting the road' with a whirlwind Truck Tour of the United States, beginning at the Koh Young exhibit booth (#143) at IPC/APEX 2013, February 19 - 21, at the San Diego Convention Center.

The tour will bring the best that 3D inspection technology leader Koh Young has to offer in SPI and AOI systems to 25 States throughout the continental United States for a span of 90 days. The tour will involve more than 60 hands-on equipment demonstration locations or 'whistle stops', designed to make it easier and more convenient for engineers across the continent to experience Koh Young equipment first-hand.

The reason for the truck tour is simple, according to Koh Young's President and CEO, Dr. Kwangill Koh. "This truck tour is the most efficient way for engineers to experience our technology hands-on so that they can understand its capabilities, the process, and make informed decisions. "Today - tightly scheduled manufacturing environments often does not allow engineers to travel to see the equipment at a trade show, or in another plant, he emphasizes. "There are a number of significant advantages to bringing our technology to the manufacturer, rather than the other way around," he adds. "First, we can reach both large and small shops. Many small facilities simply don't have the resources to send their engineers great distances for trade expositions that go on for several days. As a consequence, they miss out, or don't get accurate information or the chance for hands-on evaluation. This truck tour gives them that."

The truck and trailer combination is a specially-designed exhibition platform, according to Bill Astle, General Manager of Koh Young America, based in Chandler, Arizona. "The trailer expands to create a roomy environment with adequate space to allow people to move freely around the machines and examine them. The machines will be operating and actively demonstrating their capabilities. "The systems featured will represent the range of Koh Young's unique technologies; the flagship SPI system ASPIre2, and the award-winning 3D AOI Zenith system:

Zenith, the world's first true 3D pre-and post-reflow AOI system. Zenith measures and inspects everything on assembled PCBs in 3D using 8-way projection. Zenith performs true 3D profilometry of a whole PCB, measurement-based Inspection that is free of ambiguity-with comprehensive IPC-A-610 comparison - and offers unique capabilities, including perfect PCB warp compensation.

aSPIre2, the world's most accurate 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) system using patented 4-way shadow-free projection. This eliminates all false calls and escapes. Its inspection technology is a powerful process optimization tool, offering perfect PCB warp compensation, and measurement down to 2mm deposits without sacrificing resolution.

More information, as well as the opportunity to sign up to visit the exhibit on tour at a nearby location, can be found at www.3dinspectionontour.com.

About Koh Young Technology

Koh Young Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of 3D measurement and inspection equipment for the global circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets. Direct sales and support centers are located in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, China (Shenzhen) and Korea. For more information about the company, visit www.kohyoung.com.

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