Knife has ergonomic handle to help arthritis sufferers.

Press Release Summary:

Ergoknife features Thumbgrip handle, which has several contoured areas that are designed to support user's thumb and hand. Suited for use by those with weak or arthritic hands, handle's surface area reduces pressure points and enables users to gain stronger grip with increased blade control.

Original Press Release:

Ergonomic Handle Helps Arthritis Suffers

Seattle, Wash., Nov 15 Prokop International Co. today announced the introduction of the Ergoknife with Thumbgrip handle.

A patented ergonomically designed handle has a several contoured areas which support your thumb and hand providing more control and strength for those people who have weak or arthritic hands.

"I am excited our first patent for this technology has issued, we have several more international patents pending, the number of products we can improve with this new ergonomic design is going to be huge, it a big win for arthritis suffers." said David Prokop president of Prokop Int'l.

The Ergoknife handle has a 33% larger surface area then traditional knife handles, which reduces pressure points, provides stronger grip and more blade control. The Thumbgrip handle(tm) is the result biomechanical research performed in cooperation with Prokop Int'l and the Heimstra Human Factors Laboratories at the University of South Dakota. see

Prokop said, "We are pleased to introduce the first of a line of ergonomic products which use this design technology, to the 50 million people in the United States who suffer from arthritis with sore hands".

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