KITAGAWA-NORTHTECH, INC. Adds Five New High Performance Steady Rests to Fleet of Workholding Offerings

Depth and availability of precision workholding solutions is critical to help customers maintain stable throughput and productivity. To ensure customers can acquire the appropriate workholding for their needs, Kitagawa-NorthTech is constantly adding new products to meet every need. Recently, Kitagawa-NorthTech added five new high precision steady rests to their fleet of workholding offerings:  GHS Series, FRUN Series, VGHS Series, HL80130 and the HS160SAL.

• GHS steady rests exhibit high accuracy clamping and are ideal for standard grinding applications such as cylinder, camshaft and camlobe.

• FRUN steady rests are fully sealed and command precision and performance. FRUN’s are compact in size and allows for easy mounting on flat or slant bed lathes.

• The VGHS series helps stabilize cylinders and camshafts during grinding. This model’s innovative design features a top arm that fully opens for loading components to the machine center. This opening can be identified by a sensor integrated within the steady.

• HL80130 and HS160SAL are new heavy duty steady rests that exhibit superior control while stabilizing components from ten to forty tons.

The addition of these new models allows Kitagawa-NorthTech to provide machine shops with one of the most robust steady rest selections in the market. To learn more visit


KITAGAWA-NORTHTECH is a leader in the custom design and manufacturing of high performance workholding solutions for turning and machining centers. For over 30 years industry leaders have trusted Kitagawa-NorthTech to increase productivity through focused application analysis and superior precision and performance. Utilizing an in house network of engineers and consultants to customize workholding solutions, Kitagawa-NorthTech has proven success at Redefining Productivity™.


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