Kitagawa-NorthTech Expands Workholding Productivity Offerings

Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc. added to their product line the BBT200 series, a two jaw version of the BB200, to help customers achieve increased productivity and reduced costs.

Schaumburg, IL - Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc. has added the BBT200 series, a two jaw version of the BB200, to their family of products. "The BBT200 series solution has been needed for a long time to properly integrate from a BB200 to a two jaw application when necessary, without fluctuating to a larger size chuck," stated Colleen Juhl, Kitagawa-NorthTech Marketing Manager. This new series maintains the same outer diameter, through hole and max speed as its three jaw BB200 counterparts; ensuring quicker setup times, eliminates higher investments for a larger two-jaw solution, and increases overall productivity and through put.

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About Kitagawa-NorthTech, Inc.

Kitagawa-NorthTech has expert engineers and consultants on staff to ensure every measure is taken to analyze and understand your solution needs for all lathes and turning centers. Through value-based programming and solution exploration, Kitagawa-NorthTech delivers returns to the end user based on six-point objectives: reduced cycle times, reduced setup and downtime, reduced scrap, increased through put, increase in consistency and increased profits.

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