Kistler at Automatica 2012 in Munich: In-Process Quality Monitoring and Product Testing for 100% Quality in Joining and Assembly

At the Automatica Trade Fair, which will take place from 22 through 24 May, 2012 in Munich/Germany, Kistler will present a cross-section of its range of sensors and systems for joining, assembly and testing at its company booth no. 224, situated in hall A1.

Kistler helps customers from the automotive, electrical, precision and medical engineering industry achieve zero-defect production by means of end-to-end in-process quality monitoring and quality testing with force or torque profiles. Kistler will present a variety of corresponding practical examples from industrial assembly and end-of-line product testing where force or torque sensors, XY monitors and electromechanical NC joining systems are being deployed.

XY Monitor maXYmos BL now with enhanced functionality and PC software
Kistler's maXYmos BL has become quickly established as a XY monitor for process monitoring and product testing among a wide range of actual and potential customers from industrial joining and assembly as well as from product testing. The maXYmos BL monitor records the correlation of all measured variables supplied by piezoelectric or strain-gage sensors on the Y-channel and those supplied by potentiometric sensors on the X-channel. It uses the profile and different evaluation objects to monitor and assess the quality of a product or production step.

The highly versatile and compact monitor with its excellent price/performance ratio provides the ENVELOPE CURVE evaluation object among many practical features. During set-up, the band of the envelope curve automatically envelops the outer contour of a curve bundle previously measured and evaluated as GOOD. Automatic trend tracking, which can be activated for the band of the envelope curve, tracks the setpoint limits, e.g. during progressive tool wear, and adjusts the evaluation function to the actual process situation. In addition to other evaluation objects such as UNI-BOX, LINE or NO-PASS, up to two separate envelope curves are available for each measuring curve.

The new maXYmos PC software allows direct transfer of the test records from the maXYmos BL to the PC and offers many functions for visualizing, measuring and analyzing measurement curves and process values, and for evaluating process capability.

Cleanroom-compatible NCFT NC joining module for small joining and testing forces and wireless signal transmission

Wireless telemetry of the force signal and standard compatibility with cleanroom production conditions to ISO 8 are the outstanding properties of the electromechanical NCFT NC joining module with integrated force monitoring in the ram. These new features are particularly beneficial for processes with small testing and joining forces such as sensitive press-fit operations or test routines for medical engineering applications.

The NCFT joining module provides reliably accurate measurements by wireless, telemetry transmission of the force signal. With their compact mechanics and integral piezoelectric force sensors the modules comprehensively cover measuring ranges of between 50 and 1 500 N. Benefits include easy selection of the ideal measuring range and a high overload factor. With its particularly dynamic response, the NC joining system is ideal for short cycle times. Complex drive profiles with a maximum speed of up to 400 mm/s and a displacement repeatability of 0,002 mm can be achieved.

The new NC joining module is capable of ultra-high precision measurement of extremely small forces directly on the tool holder under actual process conditions, without the need to mount additional sensors on the ram. This way, the measurement signal is protected from interferences from the dynamic behavior of masses or moving cables.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA of Stuttgart/Germany found out that the NC joining module meets the exacting requirements for cleanroom production: it can be operated in ISO class 8 cleanrooms or, after minor adaptation, even in ISO class 7 cleanrooms. Cost-efficient NCFB NC joining module with measuring range of between 15 and 5 kN.

Kistler is expanding its range of electromechanical NCFB NC joining modules with a particularly keen price/performance ratio: in addition to the existing models with predefined measuring ranges of between 50 kN and 25 kN, Kistler now offers a second, smaller model for measuring ranges of between 15 kN and 5 kN.

Despite its 200 mm stroke and cost-optimized design, the new module is only about 750 mm long. The compact footprint allows a flexible integration into assembly systems. Its high speed of 250 mm/s promotes short cycle times. The integral piezoelectric force sensor for measuring in the direction of the pressure operates with a high overload factor, while two measuring ranges cover a wider range of forces. The NC joining module is available with a holding brake as an option.

The NC Compact firmware, which is integrated into the servo controller, is ideal for simple force-displacement evaluation and documentation of standard joining processes with the NCFB NC joining module. Very low investment and installation costs allow easy integration into existing user control environments. As an alternative to the NC Compact Firmware, force-displacement monitoring units DMF-P A310 Universal or DMF-P A300 NCF are also suitable. They have a wide variety of tolerance windows for evaluating the complex force-displacement curves of virtually any application. They are also suitable for end-to-end documentation of the curve with related setpoints and actual values.

Kistler's electromagnetic NC joining modules facilitate the automatic force-displacement monitoring of joining and press-fit processes. The new NCFT and NCFB complete Kistler's product range. Five ranges with different-size models now provide end-to-end coverage of measuring ranges from 0,05 kN to 300 kN. They are available not only as a system component but also as part of complete manual workstations for development, prototyping or small batches.

The electromechanical NCFB NC joining modules for cost-efficient automation of standardized joining and press-fit operations with force-displacement monitoring are available for measuring ranges of between 15 kN and 5 kN.

Kistler Group

Kistler's core competence is the development, production and use of sensors for measuring pressure, force, torque and acceleration. Kistler's know-how and electronic systems can be used to prepare measuring signals for use in analyzing physical processes, controlling and optimizing industrial processes, improving product quality in manufacturing and improving performance in sports and rehabilitation.

Kistler offers a comprehensive range of sensors and systems for engine development, automotive engineering, plastics and metal processing, installation technology and biomechanics.

A worldwide sales presence in the form of 25 group companies and 30 distributors ensures customer proximity, application support on an individual level and short lead times.

With a staff of about 1 300, the Kistler Group is one of the world's leading providers of dynamic measuring instrumentation. The Kistler Group achieved turnover of 235 million Swiss Francs in the 2011 financial year.

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