Kirtas Technologies Introduces New Products to Accommodate the Growth and Diversity of the Book Digitization Market

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 11 -- AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION (ALA) MIDWINTER MEETING -- Kirtas Technologies, the leader in quality, high-speed, nondestructive book digitization, today introduced three new systems to round out its product offering to the growing number of organizations and businesses digitizing their works and bringing information to a new generation of digital users.

The Kirtas APT BookScan 2400RA(TM) is a new, high-volume machine that provides remote access allowing users to capture raw images in one location and process them at another. It is equipped with a high-performance blade server, which enables the remote capability as well as providing increased storage capacity and a faster processing speed.

"As a pioneer in the development of this technology, our ability to anticipate and react to the needs of our customers is crucial," Kirtas Founder and CEO Lotfi Belkhir stated. "Quality and productivity are what differentiate us and to be able to improve upon that is significant."

There are several additional features designed to improve reliability and productivity including:

o a small book extension kit to accommodate books as small as four-and-a-
half inches by six inches (11.5cm by 15.5cm)

o an Enhanced Page Separator (EPS) to isolate individual pages ensuring
only one page is turned at a time

o a Page Edge Sensor (PES) that detects a misfeed and automatically takes
corrective action in the rare instance a page is missed or multiple
pages are lifted

o a new barcode scanner for reading ISBNs or library assigned barcodes to
facilitate metadata creation associated with book images

o new ergonomic features, including an adjustable-height table along with
a side table for a keyboard and mouse, and a swing arm to accommodate a

The company also introduced the Kirtas APT BookScan 1600(TM), a mid-size system that captures 1,600 pages per hour. The APT 1600 includes a high-speed server for enhanced processing speed, as well as the Enhanced Page Separator and the Page Edge Sensor for improved productivity.

The Kirtas APT BookScan 1212(TM) builds off of the success of the APT 1200. Targeted to cost-sensitive markets with collections of smaller-size books, the APT 1212 provides 300 DPI and is ideal for organizations looking to digitize research materials and other information to include on the Internet.

About Kirtas Technologies

Since the company was founded in 2001, Kirtas Technologies has pioneered and perfected the technology used today in quality, high-speed, nondestructive mass book digitization. The company's revolutionary technology redefines digitization of all bound documents, delivering the gentlest handling, the highest image quality, faster and with fewer errors than any other solution in the marketplace today.


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