Kingsbury's Messinger Bearings Brand Breaks Ground to Build 25-Foot Bearings

Philadelphia, PA (August 17, 2009)- Kingsbury Inc., the inventor and most respected manufacturer of tilting-pad fluid-film bearings, is pleased to announce that the Company has broken ground on an expansion project at its Philadelphia, PA plant to accommodate very large turning machinery and a custom induction heat treating system. This new equipment will allow the company's Messinger Bearings brand to fabricate and repair rolling element bearings up to 25 feet in diameter, the largest size capacity of any U.S. bearing manufacturer. For certain industries that utilize these giant bearings, such as tunnel boring equipment, slewing rings in the steel industry, stackers / reclaimers, off-shore cranes and others, Messinger will be able to provide much faster lead times than were previously available from foreign providers, for both new bearings and repairs.

Company President, Bill Strecker stated: "Kingsbury has committed these investments to Messinger's future as a result of the increased demand from multiple industries for bigger equipment utilizing extra large bearings. Our new turning and thermal processing equipment is expected to be operational by the end of 2009, at which point, Messinger will be in a position to start capitalizing on many existing high-demand opportunities."

About Kingsbury, Inc. And Messinger Bearings

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA USA, Kingsbury designs and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom fluid-film thrust and journal bearings for rotating equipment applications, including hydroelectric turbines, gas and steam turbines, compressors, gearboxes, pumps, air preheaters and ship propulsion systems. Today, the company maintains its position as the industry leader through continuing research and development, engineering integrity, and world-class customer service. The Messinger Bearings Brand was purchased by Kingsbury, Inc. in February 2004, and provides custom rolling element bearings for large, unique or unusual applications in demanding environments. Messinger's markets include rock crushing, pulp/paper making, steel, beverage bottling, antennas, coal pulverizing, tunnel boring, and various government defense applications, to name a few.

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