King of Kingpinless Casters

RWM Casters is the originator and market leader for Kingpinless Casters. The Kingpinless Caster was originally designed and released by RWM in 1981, and has revolutionized the caster industry and is the recognized best solution for the most demanding situations. RWM's design has many key strengths that their competitors don't.

Kingpinless Casters are a cost-effective combination of brute strength, feather-light maneuverability, super smooth rollability, stubborn durability and across-the-board adaptability. Examples of Kingpinless Casters can be viewed on this page:  

The millions of RWM Kingpinless Casters functioning flawlessly throughout the industrial world every day are evidence of this caster's superiority.

The inline positioning of the competitor's raceway, as opposed to the offset positioning utilized by our Kingpinless Caster raceways, creates a direct "hammering" effect via the ball bearings which are centered on the tangent of the two raceways, thus savaging and eventually eroding the raceway. The inevitable result is a loose fit and progressive swivel failure. Even a double raceway is subject to these inline hammering hazards. Our kingpinless caster raceways are designed with centered ball bearings located over the outer raceway at the bottom, and the inner raceway at the top. The patented offset raceway exerts radial force into the "meat" of the raceway where there is full contact between the ball bearing and the raceway.

RWM's Kingpinless Caster's unique design adds more mass at key points. This, in addition to more thorough heat treatment, provides additional strength that combats core material brinelling. Superior strength means superior performance and RWM's patented swivel section provides the strength to build longer swivel leads that function flawlessly, even at high speeds, without shimmy. Being the original isn’t always easy. RWM has dedicated countless hours of research, development, testing and improvement to ensure the highest quality products our competitors can’t match.View the attached flyer to see why.

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