Kinexon Launches The World's Most Cost-Efficient UWB Sensor for Unprecedented IOT Use Cases

  • Kinexon’s new UWB-based X-Tag enables unlimited smart factory and warehousing applications with faster payback and up to 50% higher ROI
  • Powerful IoT-software solution powers advanced Ultra-Wideband (UWB)-connectivity and localization at a price point comparable to RFID and BLE solutions
  • First implementations launched at leading automotive and aerospace companies.
  • KINEXON CEO Oliver Trinchera: “We’re making connectivity and precise localization as simple and cost-efficient as putting a stamp on an envelope.”

Chicago, IL, July 7, 2021 – KINEXON makes industrial connectivity and ultra-precise indoor-localization available for the mass market at a price point comparable to RFID and BLE solutions: With the X-Tag, the company now offers the world’s most cost-efficient UWB-sensor for the industrial Internet of Things. Companies can deploy the X-Tag for previously unfeasible IoT-applications and increase their productivity in production and logistics – from Search & Find and Track & Trace to automated material flow or assembly tool control. The smart X-Tag delivers ultra-precise data in the most cost-efficient way so companies can significantly reduce their amortization times and achieve an up to 50% higher ROI at the same time. The key to KINEXON’s innovation is its software-based approach. It reduces the complexity on the hardware side to a minimum and enables the company to offer the X-Tag for up to 90% less than competing UWB solutions. Leading companies in the automotive and aerospace industries are already implementing the X-Tag within their smart factory initiatives. The X-Tag is available for purchase or within a 2-year subscription-based “as a service” model.

Location data as key to 80% of industrial IoT Use Cases

Digital transformation is more important to companies than ever. A recent study of Aberdeen and Panasonic showed that 70% of companies are enforcing their digitalization even more due to the pandemic. One challenge remains: around 80% of IoT-use cases rely on location data from assets in the production process, including tools, AGVs, parts, or containers. In choosing a localization solution, companies had to decide between precision and price to date: RFID and BLE used to be less cost-intensive but were only useful for few applications due to their low precision and range. UWB is considered the gold standard of indoor localization due to its precision, security, and scalability. The high cost of UWB solutions used to prevent a fast ROI and profitable large-scale applications.

X-Tag enables connectivity and precise indoor-localization of industrial assets for the mass market

With the X-Tag, this dilemma is now a thing of the past. As the most cost-efficient industrial UWB sensor, it is up to 90% more affordable than other currently available UWB tags. The key to this innovation lies in KINEXON’s software defined approach and intelligent sensor network algorithms that reduce the complexity of hardware to a minimum. In addition to the option of a one-time purchase, KINEXON offers its customers n subscription-based “as a service” model, where the monthly fee per sensor is below the cost of a stamp.

Higher ROI and fast amortization enable connectivity of all things

Lower overall costs allow companies to leverage the full power of localization data. For the first time, they can feasibly implement new smart factory and logistics use cases, from Search & Find and Track & Trace to automated material flow or assembly tool control. The mass market availability of UWB technology is a forceful disruption of the indoor localization market. “The X-Tag renders connectivity and precise localization as easy and cost-efficient as putting a stamp on an envelope. From now on, companies can finally track their assets feasibly and quickly profit from the value localization data adds,” says Oliver Trinchera, co-founder and CEO of KINEXON. The mass-market readiness of the X-Tag represents a quantum leap for the digital twin, as companies can precisely track higher counts of even smaller assets for various applications. It has never been easier to connect assets and achieve full transparency and traceability of material flow across the warehouses and shopfloors of this world.

First implementations at leading companies in the automotive and aerospace industries

A select number of companies in the automotive and aerospace industries are already profiting from the powerful X-Tag. Rafael Hymon, Head of Logistics at Continental Automotive, explains the opportunities the X-Tag provides to the leading auto supplier: "With the X-Tag, KINEXON opens up completely new applications for us in the field of localization using UWB technology. With their product innovation, we can drive digitalization at Continental even more profitably. The cost-effective X-Tag makes it possible to exploit the advantages of UWB on a large scale: We benefit from high-precision data and faster ROI at the same time."

KINEXON’s IOT software converts location data into optimized and automated processes

With KINEXON RIoT, KINEXON offers the corresponding IoT software and analytics capabilities to turn X-Tag data into a digital twin, and from there on into optimized and automated processes. The award-winning platform is already in use at various blue chip companies, including BMW and Continental. “KINEXON RIoT is a powerful real-time software for all moving assets. It connects all data on the shop floor, no matter their technology or interface,“ says Mehdi Bentanfous, Global Lead for KINEXON Industries. „The platform enables companies to convert their physical shop floor into a digital twin. Based on this digital twin, RIoT offers modular functions to capture, optimize, and automate operating processes in real time. The insights gain can benefit countless other applications and systems, such as ERP WMS, and MES.“

About KINEXON Inc.

KINEXON Inc. is a global technology leader that develops groundbreaking software and connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). KINEXON Industries implements real-time IoT solutions to capture, analyze, and automate manufacturing and logistics processes for industry leaders such as BMW and Continental. During the COVID-19 pandemic the company launched KINEXON SafeZone – the world’s most trusted digital solution for contact warning and contact tracing. Founded in 2012, and headquartered in Germany, KINEXON has grown to more than 200 employees across offices in Munich, New York, and Chicago. For its outstanding solutions, the company has received numerous awards, including Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum. For more information about KINEXON, visit

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