Kincaid Plastics/Chapman Tool and Manufacturing Announces ISO 7 (10,000) Clean Room Certification

Brooksville, FL - Chapman Tool and Manufacturing, a leading custom injection molding company based in Brooksville, Florida focusing on the medical molded parts and home care industries, recently announced a substantial increase in its capacity to create high quality molded plastic parts.

By upgrading its ISO 8 cleanroom to the ISO 7 (10,000) Clean Zone, Chapman Tool and Manufacturing will be able to better serve its many customers requiring precision medical parts.

ISO 14644-1 standards specify the number of particles, of sizes ranging from 0.1 µm to 5 µm, allowed per cubic meter of air. The ISO classes are increasingly strict by a factor of ten, so that by upgrading to ISO 7 from ISO 8 Chapman Tool and Manufacturing is eliminating ten times as many particles from the air. ISO 9 is the equivalent of normal room air, which will typically contain around 8,320,000 particles per cubic meter of air. By contrast, the ISO 7 cleanroom at Chapman Tool and Manufacturing can have no more than 83,200 particles per cubic meter of air.

To maintain these strict standards, air is constantly filtered through HEPA filters which trap larger particles. Employees are required to wear white medical coats, gloves, hair and beard nets.

Meeting ISO 7 levels ensures greater precision and purity for the medical parts molded by Chapman. Molding in a cleanroom also reduces the time required for sterilization and other secondary processes, and reduces the waiting time and cost of inventorying parts in progress.

Chapman Tool and Manufacturing is a division of Kincaid Plastics, Inc. In addition to cleanroom molding, they provide mold design, mold building, and a variety of secondary operations such as printing, heat staking, ultrasonic welding and painting.

For more information about Chapman Tool and Manufacturing's cleanroom visit their website at or call 352-754-9979.

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