KhepriCoat(TM) Solar Anti-reflective Coating System Further Optimized

DSM Functional Coatings today announced the further optimization of its KhepriCoat(TM) solar anti-reflective coating system. The improvements have already resulted in a significant contribution to the first multicrystalline-silicon solar panels in the world to achieve a conversion efficiency of 17%, which were produced recently by REC and ECN (Energy research Center of the Netherlands).

DSM's KhepriCoat(TM) solar anti-reflective coating system boosts light transmission of solar glass sheets by around 4%, resulting in a considerable improvement in solar module efficiency. This coating system offers the best performance in terms of light transmission, durability and flexibility. A dedicated research group within DSM is working on technology breakthroughs that improve efficiency while at the same time allowing significant cost reductions in solar systems.

The new world record, which was announced in December, was the result of a joint effort between the Norwegian company REC, which produces high quality multicrystalline solar wafers, and ECN, which produced the cells and assembled the world-record solar panel. DSM, for its part, provided the glass with the KhepriCoat(TM) solar anti-reflective coating. ECN has been - spider-pro-systemworking with DSM since 2009 owing to the performance leadership of the KhepriCoat(TM) solar anti-reflective coating system. This cooperation has now led to the 17% efficiency barrier of multicrystalline-silicon solar panels being broken.

Remko Goudappel, DSM Functional Coatings business director, comments: "We are pleased that these frontrunners in the solar industry are recognizing the added value of our KhepriCoat(TM) coating system in making solar power a mainstream energy source. We hope that the achievement of this new milestone will accelerate the implementation of anti-reflective coatings in the rapidly growing solar energy market."

Khepricoat(TM) is the second commercial product in DSM's Functional Coating program to focus on the development of DSM's proprietary coating technology in diverse applications. In addition to coatings for solar panels, DSM has already launched ®claryl picture glass, which makes framed pictures clearer, emphasizes colors and reduces the amount of reflection. ®claryl is currently available in 15 European countries and has also recently been launched in the USA.

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