KFJ Trading Turns to ITC and Ambrell for Melting

The metals melting firm turned to ITC for three melting systems with Ambrell induction power supplies

Scottsville, NY - Ambrell, an Ameritherm company and a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, is pleased to announce that KFJ Trading of Los Angeles, CA turned to Induction Technology Corporation (ITC) for three melting systems that included Ambrell induction power supplies. Ambrell is ITC's supplier of induction power supplies for its melting systems.

KFJ Trading moved to a new, larger facility and needed to increase its metals melting capacity. Melting primarily gold, but also silver and platinum, they needed a high volume system, moderate volume system, and a lower volume system for their range of melting applications. They ended up purchasing a 100 lb Power Cube hydraulic tilt furnace, a 30 lb Compact Power Cube one-man tilt furnace, and a High Efficiency Mini Melt System from ITC.

The three ITC systems contain Ambrell power supplies. The Power Cube contains an EKOHEAT 50kW/10kHz induction heating system. The Compact Power Cube contains an EKOHEAT 15kW/100kHz induction heating system. Finally, the High Efficiency Mini Melt System contains an EASYHEAT 10kW induction heating system.

KFJ Trading turned to ITC because of their reputation for delivering superior induction melting systems. The installation was highly successful, and their business is benefitting from their new, versatile melting systems. ITC leverages Ambrell's induction power supplies thanks to their dependable reputation and their use of the latest technology to maximize efficiency. Induction's speed, control, efficiency and modest footprint are just some of the reasons melting companies leverage induction.

"We're pleased to be partnering with ITC," says Ambrell Director of Sales Tom Dickerson. "They have an outstanding reputation for delivering industry-leading melting systems backed by outstanding support, and Ambrell's induction heating systems are an important part of the equation. KFJ Trading's success with ITC systems is just one of many examples of successful system installations by ITC."

For additional details about Ambrell, call +1 (585) 889-9000 or visit melting.ambrell.com. To learn more about Induction Technology Corporation, call +1 (760) 246-7333 or visit http://www.inductiontech.com/.

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Since 1986, Ambrell has been a leading United States manufacturer of induction heating systems. Products are CE certified and manufactured in an ISO9001:2008 certified facility to ensure the highest quality equipment. With a focus on superior heating solutions and service with a prompt response, prospective customers can leverage its Applications Lab to ensure systems are built to their heating requirements, and then rely on superior support throughout their relationship with Ambrell. Ambrell has installed over 10,000 systems in more than 50 countries.

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