Keysight Technologies to Demonstrate Innovative Test Solutions for Power Conversion Device/System Design at APEC

New 4-Channel, 3-Phase IntegraVision Power Analyzer Featured in Booth


  • Solutions help design/test engineers analyze, test and model electrical power conversion devices/systems for maximum power efficiency, quality.

  • The Keysight EEsof EDA will demonstrate how Advanced Design System, Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) software is used for modern switched-mode converters

  • Experience the IntegraVision power analyzer that offers an intuitive, accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization.

SANTA ROSA, Calif., – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) today announced it will demonstrate innovative design and test solutions at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC), Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Booth 1252, Long Beach, Calif., March 20-24. Keysight engineers will be available in the booth to discuss optimal power component selection, efficient power conversion design, power conversion performance validation and final test challenges.

Keysight will showcase its 1) power semiconductor device analyzer, 2) oscilloscopes with power analysis software and a power rail probe, 3) analyzers for Bode plot and PSRR measurements, 3) software for switching converter design and simulation, 4) thermal imagers, 5) battery drain characterization and RF design validation solutions, and 5) the new 4-channel, 3-phase IntegraVision power analyzer.

The IntegraVision power analyzer allows engineers to quickly and interactively measure 3-phase power consumption, power conversion efficiency and operational response to stimulus.

Keysight will also demonstrate the following suite of solutions for testing power conversion devices and systems:

  • B1505A Power Device Analyzer/Curve Tracer delivers fast and automated IV, CV and Qg measurements for power semiconductor devices across a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures

  • InfiniiVision and Infiniium series oscilloscopes, power application software and power rail probes provide power analysis and integrity measurements allowing engineers to quickly characterize the reliability and efficiency of switching power supplies as well as measure noise, ripple and transients on DC power rails

  • E5061B ENA Network Analyzer allows engineers to easily measure the bode plot and attenuation parameters of low-frequency devices (CMRR/PSRR of OP-amps) and milliohm impedance of DC-DC converters and bulk decoupling capacitors mounted on power delivery networks

  • Advanced Design System (ADS) and W8500BP IC-CAP Device Modeling Platform Bundle comprise a powerful EDA software platform, providing design insights gleaned from integration of circuit and EM simulations to mitigate high-frequency efficiency optimization design challenges, such as layout parasitics, without costly and non-deterministic “solder-and-see” flailing

  • U5850A Series TrueIR Thermal Imagers facilitates efficient designs through its expanding capabilities for measuring temperature and identifying hotspots and design abnormalities

  • QUIKPROBE™ GLOBAL (QPG-1000) Series Test System, a co-branded solution from Keysight Technologies and W2BI, Inc. (, combines a E7515A UXM wireless test set, N6705B/N6781A battery drain characterization solution and W2BI’s test automation platform to provide a fully automated system, ensuring compliance to the CTIA battery life test plan, a new standard developed by the CTIA Working Group to test battery performance based on a set of realistic scenarios that represent a typical user’s every day activity

Keysight EEsof EDA will demonstrate how engineers can use ADS and Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) software for modern switched-mode converters utilizing SiC and GaN transistors. The technology demonstration—Modelling of Non-Linear Magnetics—will take place Saturday, March 19, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Room 202, during the Power Magnetics @ High Frequency-Solving the Black Magic! workshop. Additional information about Keysight’s multiple product families and solutions for power electronic design and test is available at

Keysight also will have a drawing in its booth for two E36103A DC power supplies.

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