Keyless Bushings handle torque from 40-6,400 lb-ft.

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Providing frequent mounting/dismounting capabilities with one radial screw, ETP Express Bushings position and lock all types of gears, pulleys, sprockets, and other components in power transmission system. Units provide accurate mounting without axial movement of bushing along shaft and help provide runout control to minimize vibration and noise. Offered in full range of metric sizes, bushings offer concentricity to .001 in. TIR and are suited for tight areas.

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ETP Express(TM) Keyless Bushing Positions and Locks Gears, Pulleys, And Sprockets Into Position

Plymouth, Minnesota: ETP Express keyless shaft locking bushings provide fast and frequent mounting/dismounting capabilities with only one radial screw. This design saves space in a system and provides accurate mounting without axial movement of the ETP bushing along the shaft.

Designed to position and lock all types of gears, pulleys, sprockets and other components in a power transmission system, ETP Express bushings help provide runout control to reduce vibration and noise, thereby contributing to higher system productivity.

The ETP Express design provides a tight connection between the shaft and mounted components. When tightened, ETP's radial screw compresses a pressure medium within the double-walled sleeve that expands and creates a solid connection between shaft and the mounting member. ETP's uniform surface pressure prevents damage to surfaces and enables the use of shafts without problem-causing keyways. The single adjusting screw design makes the ETP Express superior to conventional mechanical locking bushings where numerous adjusting screws are required and axial movement of the mechanical bushing occurs when the screws are tightened.

Providing concentricity to .001 inch T.I.R., these ETP Express Bushings handle torque ranges from 40 to 6400 ft. lbs. They are ideal for use in tight areas. An Allen wrench is the only tool required to torque, mount and lock these bushings into place. They position in seconds and can be readjusted many times just as quickly and without any axial movement of the bushing or component along the keyless shaft.

ETP Express bushings require no lubrication, are easy to keep clean and handle a temperature range from -22° to 180° F. They are available in a full range of metric sizes.

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