Keycard Lock Kit features interchangeable components.

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Travelock(TM) Security Kit allows single lock to be used for luggage, laptops, sporting goods, and other items. It uses mechanically-coded cards in place of small metal keys or numeric combinations. Thin slot on narrow edge of lock accepts plastic KeyCards, which have discrete hole patterns punched into corners. When correctly coded card is pressed into slot, lock is opened. Kit includes long coated braided steel cable, short cable, and laptop attachment.

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Roadwired® Introduces Multi-Purpose Keycard Travelock(TM) Security Kit

Rochester, NY, December 1, 2003-RoadWired ( has introduced a travel security kit with interchangeable components that allow a single lock to be used to for luggage, laptops, sporting goods and other items. The new Travelock(TM) Security Kit is the latest addition to the company's line of "KeyCard" locks, which use mechanically-encoded cards in place of small metal keys or numeric combinations.

The hub of the Travelock kit is the KeyCard lock itself, which at first glance looks to be a solid, seamless metal square-an appearance that the company says adds to the deterrent value of the system. A thin slot on the narrow edge of the lock accepts plastic KeyCards (much like a hotel room door) which have discrete hole patterns punched into the corners. When the correctly coded card is pressed into the slot, the lock is opened. The design makes the lock virtually pickproof, and eliminates the need to carry tiny metal keys or memorize combinations. Two KeyCards are included with each kit: one wallet-sized and one keychain-sized, and multiple locks may be ordered in matching combinations.

Included with the kit are a variety of locking accessories which can be interchangeably snapped into to the KeyCard lock. A long, coated braided steel cable is provided for locking multiple pieces of luggage together (such as when securing a carry on bag to the handle of a rolling suitcase when in the airport). This cable can also be used for securing backpacks, skis or other sporting goods to storage racks or other fixed objects. Also included is a laptop attachment, which can be inserted into the locking slot now standard on most portable computers. The long cable can then be threaded through the laptop attachment and then locked to a desk or other secure surface. Finally, the kit also provides a short cable, which permits use as a standard luggage lock.

The Travelock Kit is available in black, nickel, red or yellow, for a suggested retail price of $15.95. The products are sold through luggage shops, specialty stores, catalogs and websites.

RoadWired is a coordinated line of carrying cases and accessories for portable electronics. The company designs and manufactures what it calls "uniquely styled cases for all nine of the common traveling technology categories:" laptop computers, Palm/PDA devices, portable audio (cassette, CD, mp3), video camcorders, still/digital cameras, cellphones, portable GPS, LCD projectors and 2-way radios. Product information, customer service, and business-to-business services including dealer stocking programs and custom/OEM design services, are all accessible through the company's website at

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