Key Lock System eliminates sweeping and mass theft.

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To defend against theft at fixture level, ScanLock(TM) provides key-operated, swing-aside access to items on scan hooks. Unit can be placed far forward to prevent removal of any product or it can be set to display 1 or 2 items unlocked while balance of stock remains secured. Product relocks without key in tumbler, and key cannot be copied by common locksmithing. Unit retrofits to existing hooks and can be integrated into existing planograms and store sets.

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New ScanLock(TM) Eliminates "Sweeping" and Mass Theft

Shoplifting and pilferage have reached epidemic proportions inflicting serious losses on retailers and consumer product manufacturers. Individual theft crosses all demographic boundaries from low income, to middle class professionals, to famous media stars. There are actual reports of thefts following bus routes, with incidents running right across cities, stealing masses of costly items or OTC Pharmaceuticals (some of which can be reprocessed into street drugs) from the same name stores. Professional shoplifters use a variety of techniques to maximize their illicit gains from "sweeping" (mass theft of whole rows of items) to "shoplifting teams", to "blind spot drops." Other techniques outwit traditional security such as cameras through "misdirection" and exit sensors through "dodge and drop," "decoy shoplifter" or simple removal, damage or deactivation of tags. One can even purchase books on the Internet teaching the latest, most sophisticated shoplifting techniques. And it is hard to train Store Personnel to be on the watch for all these techniques, particularly given the high turnover rates for many retailers.

New ScanLock(TM) offers a final layer of defense aginst theft at the fixture level. Scan-Lock(TM) is an easy-to-use, inexpensive key lock system that secures most common scan hooks, and even retrofits existing hooks in place. It is a low-cost solution, and can be integrated into existing planograms and store sets on exiting hooks, unlike other hook locks. It provides simple swing-aside access to items; no need to remove the lock to sell product. Placed far forward, it prevents the removal of any product, or it can be set to display 1-2 items unlocked for easy customer access, while the balance of stock is locked and held secure preventing mass theft and "sweeping." ScanLock(TM) relocks without a key in the tumbler, allowing store associates to quickly open several hooks for hands-on selling to customers, and replace and re-lock all in an instant without fumbling with a key. The key is unique and cannot be copied by common locksmithing. An optional security plate works with most metal and plastic backplate designs to provide additional theft deterrence in high risk environments.

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