KenBay and BACE - Waste Compactors and Balers for Almost Any Need

Mendham, NJ - KenBay has recently become a proud seller of the BACE waste control machines. Complementing the wide range of rotary arm waste compactors and small balers KenBay currently offers, BACE's broad line of quality balers, self-contained compactors and stationary compactors offer a full line of waste compaction solutions for almost any industrial application. "Now our clients can satisfy all their industrial trash compactor and vertical baler needs with the same high quality and competitively priced equipment as they have been accustomed to with the RotoPac," noted Don Meis, President of KenBay.

KenBay's unique rotary arm industrial waste compactor, the RotoPac, has 14 years history of outstanding performance in North America alone. Worldwide, the RotoPac has proven to deliver one of the highest compaction ratios for industrial waste in thousands of companies.

The RotoPac compactor's small footprint, continuous compaction and high compaction rate makes it ideal for locating inside a facility close to the source of the waste. The complete line of RotoPac includes; the standard RotoPac which is used extensively in manufacturing, assembly and distribution facilities, the Bin RotoPac in very limited space areas, the Plastics RotoPac for high capacity compacting plastic for recycling, the Food Industry RotoPac made of stainless steel and the Marine RotoPac for ocean vessels and oilrigs.

BACE's mission is to infuse a combined 50+ years of manufacturing experience into their products, processes, and services; creating a world class global manufacturing organization dedicated to delivering superior products to waste and recycling industry in a cost effective manner while meeting their customers delivery expectations. BACE manufactures a complete line of vertical balers with the smallest producing a bale 36"x24"x30" and the largest heavy duty baler producing bales 72"x40"x48. Their compactor product line consists of 2, 3 & 4 cubic yd stationary compactors with various sizes of containers and 25, 30, 35 & 39 cubic yd self contained compactors.

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FAX: (843) 216-5970

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