Keeping Railroads Safe with Pilz

Millions of passengers and massive amounts of freight are transported on railroads daily. Whether transporting passengers or freight, trains must be in the right place at the right time. The extensive rail network must be controlled and monitored safely. Additionally, there's the safety of the train equipment to guarantee.

Automation from Pilz makes an important contribution to railway safety by offering components and solutions for: signaling systems, switchpoint controllers, track cleaning systems, gate systems level crossings and level crossing control systems.
Pilz offers comprehensive services such as risk analysis or verification of safety solutions to the railway sector.

The modular safety system, PNOZmulti, is the ideal solution for safe control of level crossings with flashing light signals or barrier drives. The system's features include simple connection to the level crossing control system and easy configuration with the PNOZmulti Configurator reducing wiring and engineering effort.

Upon entering the station trains must stop at precisely defined positions, enabling the doors to open and passengers to board and leave the train safely. Safe sensors from Pilz monitor the safe position and function of the gate equipment. These sensors combined with evaluation logic from Pilz offer an economical and safe solution.

The points in shunting yards must be safely monitored and controlled to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The axles of the carriages must be counted and monitored safely as they pull in and out. Logic operations with Pilz programmable safety systems, PSS, are particularly suitable for complex applications.

Pilz solutions can also enhance safety for track bed cleaning machines, ballast distribution and grading machines, machinery for converting track or new build. With a comprehensive product range from safe sensors, safe hardware or software-based control systems through to actuators, Pilz has a tailored solution for each machine.

There are many benefits to using Pilz solutions in the railway industry. Pilz solutions provide economical safety for level crossings and protection systems and reduce time spent designing and building protection systems and increases operational safety and availability, even under rugged environmental conditions. Pilz solutions have been internationally certified and approved.

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