KaZaK Composites to Work with Boeing on Miniature Weapon Technology

Boeing Receives Government Contract for $500,000

WOBURN, MA - KaZaK Composites, Inc., a premier provider of high value-added composite engineering and design, today announced that they are a key supplier to Boeing Integrated Defense Systems for the first phase of a program to demonstrate miniature weapon technology for use on unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV). KaZaK engineers will be building the airframe for the UAVs, which will provide the housing for electrical and other components within the weapon.

"By working with Boeing KaZaK expands upon our relationships with the primes, which now includes most major defense contractors," said John Schickling, EVP/COO of KaZaK Composites, Inc. "Inclusion in this exciting contract continues to demonstrate KaZaK's talent and experience in producing advanced, creative engineering to any number of projects across a wide range of aerospace applications."

As the prime contractor during the initial nine-month program, Boeing will use its experience on the Joint Direct Attack Munition and Small Diameter Bomb programs to develop the system integration, seeker, avionics, guidance and control, and mission planning systems. KaZaK's contribution to the overall design is derived from technology already in development.

"The initial aspects of the design were developed under an SBIR contract," said Steve Schoenholtz, senior mechanical engineer working on the project. "With modifications to the original design we can enable our advanced technology to meet the warfighters' needs in a variety of targets and also generate very low collateral damage."
The two-year second phase of the program, if awarded, is valued at $6.5 million.

About KaZaK Composites

Headquartered in Woburn, MA, KaZaK Composites, Inc. integrates engineering design and low-cost manufacturing to produce high performance composites for the aerospace,
military and commercial markets. With specialization in large and unusual pultrusion processing, KaZaK Composites, Inc. provides product value in the area of material sciences that has enabled engineers to develop new and creative ways to build structures.

KaZaK Composites, Inc. has a manufacturing facility in Hudson, NH. For more information, please visit www.kazakcomposites.com.

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