Kapton® Heating Elements come in densities up to 5 W/in.².

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Available in sizes up to 12 x 26 in. and voltages up to 300 V, Kapton® Heating Elements can operate continuously from -319 to 392°F. Flexible units are produced through highly automated process that allows standard resistance densities of 100 W per in.² with nominal 0.001 in. thick Inconel®. Watt densities of 10-20 W/in.² are possible in controlled applications. Standard thickness is 0.007 in., including 0.002 in. of Kapton® on either side.

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Kapton® Heaters

Durex Industries announces Kapton® (polyimide) heating elements. These lightweight, flexible elements can operate continuously from -319°F to 392°F (-195°C to 200°C). With sizes up to 12" by 26" (30.0 cm by 66.0 cm) Kapton® heaters from Durex Industries allow even more choices for Durex Industries already satisfied customers.

Kapton® heaters, in voltages up to 300 volts, offer customers an unchallenged combination of even heating or defined heat gradients and efficiency. Standard watt densities are up to 5 watts per square inch (0.78 watts per square cm). Watt densities of 10 to 20 watts per square inch (1.55 watts per square cm to 3.1 watts per square cm) are possible in controlled applications. Produced through a highly automated process, Kapton® heaters provide Durex Industries' customers an optimal combination of low cost unit pricing and reliable deliveries even for high volume Kapton® Heater applications. This automated process also allows standard resistance densities of 100 ohms per square inch (15.5 ohms per square cm) with nominal 0.001" (0.025mm) thick Inconel® . For higher resistance densities please consult Durex Industries technical support.

Durex Industries, Kapton® heaters offer the end user a clean, highly efficient source of surface heat. Standard thickness is 0.007" (.018mm). This includes 0.002" (0.051mm) of Kapton® on either side. This thin profile results in a heater with low mass making thermal control easy and precise with minimal overshoot.

Durex Industries offers its customers several different bonding systems for Kapton® heaters that are both highly reliable. Because Durex Industries is a premier supplier of temperature sensors, it is very easy to incorporate thermistors, RTDs or thermocouples into the Kapton® heater. These temperature sensors can be incorporated into a non-heated section to control your part temperature, or they can be incorporated into a heated section to control the heater temperature. Working with Durex Industries technical support staff will allow you to determine the proper design of your Kapton® heater.

Durex Industries Kapton® Heaters offer, energy efficiency, an infinite number of custom shapes and sizes, profiled watt densities, voltage options, low current leakage constructions, and many customizable options for wiring harness. Durex Industries can also factory bond a Kapton® heater to your part, simplifying your installation and increasing your manufacturing velocity.

Durex Industries also manufactures Cast in Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Circulation Heaters, Coil and Cable Heaters, Thermocouples, Sensors, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Controllers, Tubular Heaters and Cartridge Heaters.

For literature, applications, pricing or more details, please contact: DUREX INDUSTRIES, 190 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013-2979. Phone: (847) 639-5600. Fax: (847) 639-2199. Web: www.durexindustries.com. Email: sales@durexindustries.com. Attention: Terry Smith, National Sales Manager.

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