KAPP RX 59 Uses High-Precision Grinding Process to Manufacture Rotors for Air Compressors

Industry Partners Collaborate with KAPP on Advancement in Rotor Grinding Technology

BOULDER, Colo., (June 15, 2007)-Rotors used in air compressors can now be
manufactured on KAPP grinding machines (Fig.1) by using a high-precision grinding
process that not only optimizes and enhances the production process, but also provides
quality uniformity not attained before.

On the KAPP RX 59 machine, the rotors are ground with KAPP CBN (cubic
boron nitride-a diamond-like synthetic cutting abrasive) plated tools. These tools have
a single layer of CBN abrasive held in a nickel bond to a steel body. (Fig. 2) A grinding
spindle is mounted on both sides and accommodates several grinding wheels, which
are applied sequentially by moving the shift axis of the machine. This enables the twostage
grinding process of roughing and finishing. In addition, the KAPP rotor grinding
machines integrate measuring equipment that allows controlled machining and size
control in the micron range.

The newest generation of the KAPP rotor grinding machines produces unrivaled
cycle times, achieved by using high powered direct-drive spindle motors. During the
past three years, the RX 59 machine has increased efficiency by 30%. This
advancement in rotor grinding technology was made possible by the collaboration of
KAPP and its customers, who together worked on machine and CBN-tool development.
Both the KAPP Group and its collaborating partners have profited greatly from this
teamwork approach, and they both continue to expand on the international market.

About the KAPP Group
The KAPP Group offers innovative technology and systems for precision finishing
of gears and profiles. KAPP products are present in the automotive, aerospace,
construction and compressor industries. NILES products, with their larger application
options, can be found in industry segments such as wind energy, railroad engineering,
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