Kalpoxy NS Wear Compound

Abresist Kalenborn Corporation offers KALPOXY NS, a non-sagging epoxy bonded wear compound suitable for repairing almost any surface, including piping and pumps. This two component wear compound contains more than 70% fine grain silicon carbide (SiC) particles combined with DuPont Kevlar® fibers for excellent abrasion resistance, toughness and adhesive properties.

KALPOXY NS is easy to use and is non-hazardous and non-corrosive, making shipping and storage safe and able to be airfreighted. The resin does not crystallize in freezing weather and both it and the hardener have very littler odor, making it user friendly, even in confined spaces. KALPOXY NS can be used in temperatures up to 230°F (110°C) and in corrosive situations with a pH range of 3.8 to 10.0.

Abresist Kalenborn Corporation, P.O. Box 38, 5541 North State Road 13, Urbana, IN 46990. Telephone: 800-348-0717, Fax: 888-348-0717. Website: www.abresist.com/KALPOXY.htm, E-mail: info@abresist.com.

Joe Accetta



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