Just Connect n' Go Toward Cost Savings

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mason, OH- Increasing efficiency and reducing overhead are especially critical during these tough economic times. The innovators at Apex Industrial Technologies are accomplishing both for companies worldwide.

And all your company has to do is Connect n' Go(TM).

A company's tool crib is traditionally a model of inefficiency. Time is wasted as workers make their way to the crib, wait for an item, then return to their point-of-work. Tracking the dispensing of items, managing access and tracking inventory is often haphazard, with dozens or hundreds of employees having nearly unlimited access to supplies, tools and mission-critical parts. Stockouts abound and/or inventories are kept at much higher levels than would be needed if the inventory were controlled.

We all know how ATMs and self-service gas pumps have made the world more efficient.

Why not utilize that same type of technology to save your company thousands of dollars and man-hours?

Apex is a leader in providing cost-effective, Internet-based "behind the firewall" vending solutions for industrial tools, supplies, parts and other mission-critical assets. The Edge 5000 (TM) series and AutoStore are rugged, versatile and easy-to-use Internet appliances (no MS Windows) that track, manage and control critical tools, parts, supplies and materials at the point-of-work and are designed to deliver outstanding performance in harsh factory and remote environments.

With Apex Connect n' Go (TM) technology, data flows seamlessly to the C3i Hub by Ethernet or wireless connection via the Internet. The Edge C3i Hub is Apex hosted Software and Data Management Service. And because Apex's Edge 5000 series is a true Internet appliance, inventory tracking and management is sorted the way you want to see it. The Edge C3i Hub helps track of inventory levels and can be set to reorder automatically directly from suppliers or send reorders to your purchasing department for review. Automated alerts will let you know when usage patterns change or when orders are late. You can view reports anywhere from your browser, and the C3i Hub is hassle-free:

o No hard drives
o No viruses
o No data corruption
o No complex data synchronization
o No system conflicts or reboots

Apex exclusive One Bite(TM) Versatile Dispensing Modules can be added to the Edge 5000 for single-item dispensing of cutting inserts, electrical connectors, welding tips and other critical small parts without repackaging. Individual conveyors bring items forward and gently deliver them into a specially designed pick-up tray.

Dispensing efficiency, versatility

The Edge AutoStore manages dispensing of large or bulky items and assets that need to be checked out and checked back in, and is ideal for single-item dispensing of:

o Hand and power tools
o Laptop computers
o Gaging
o Calibrated and serialized tools
o Equipment
o Instruments
o Radios
o Mission-critical assets
o Vehicle keys

For more information, including case studies of companies that have realized huge savings using Apex Industrial Technologies vending systems, go to www.apex-industrial.com or call 1-800-229-7912.

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