Just Add Fasteners to Suncor's Ever-Expanding Product Line

Suncor Stainless has Developed a New Line of Stainless Steel Fasteners and Accessories

Plymouth, MA – Suncor Stainless, Inc. has developed a line of stainless steel fasteners and fastener accessories. With this line, they have also launched the Suncor Fastener Program which offers these new products in small and bulk quantity packs with eye-catching labels and barcodes for easy stocking opportunities. This allows Suncor customers to offer stainless steel fasteners and accessories that are compatible with their existing line of hardware. Suncor manufactures a variety of stainless steel products that require fasteners such as their wall mount turnbuckles, pad eyes, deck hardware and railing and bimini fittings. "In the past, we have offered limited fasteners," says Patrick Striebel, President of Suncor Stainless. "As the years progressed, our customers were requesting the compatible fasteners for the hardware that they consistently purchase from us. We realized that this was a market that we needed to enter in order to be a one-stop-shop for our customers' stainless steel needs." Once it was established that they would start manufacturing stainless fasteners, they decided to take it a step further and institute a packaging program. This allows Suncor to offer their customers the option of stocking these products on their shelves.

The fasteners introduced into Suncor's line of products are machine and wood screws, featuring flat or panhead styles. These screws are offered in a variety of sizes and quantities ranging from 3 to 10 in a small pack to approximately 30 to 160 in a bulk, 1 pound pack. The small quantities are packaged in color coated poly bags, while the bulk packs are clear plastic boxes with label wraps that feature matching colors. "The main benefit to using stainless steel fasteners is their corrosion resistant qualities," says Jim Storrer, Engineering Manager at Suncor Stainless. "It doesn't matter if the fastener is being used indoors or outdoors, stainless steel will keep its finish better over the typical steel fastener." Many of the products that Suncor Stainless offers are usually found in marine environments where they are exposed to the harsh elements, especially salt water. In these cases, stainless steel is a necessity and Suncor Stainless can now satisfy this need.

Suncor has expanded their Fastener Program to include washers, nuts, driver bits and fastener lubricant. The washers are available in flat or split styles and are offered in small quantity poly bag packs or bulk quantities of 100 in plastic boxes. The nuts are right hand, UNC thread and are available in the same quantity packs as the washers. The Phillips screwdriver bits are offered in #2

and #3 sizes and lengths of 1" to 2". They are available in quantities of 2 or sold in bulk. Stainless steel driver bits are ideal for preventing contamination of stainless screw heads. The Fastener Lubricant comes in a 2.5 ounce plastic container and is very efficient when used with wood screws to help eliminate any stripping of screw heads and speed up the installation process.

For an easy fastener compatibility reference, Suncor Stainless offers a Fastener Matching Chart located on their website and in the back of their volume 11 catalog. They have a network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada that offers stainless steel fasteners and fastener accessories. Please contact a Suncor sales representative to find a dealer near you. To learn more

about Suncor's fastener program, please visit www.suncorstainless.com or call (800) 394-2222.

Suncor Stainless, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel hardware in the industrial, marine, government, architectural, OEM and commercial industries. Suncor's modern facilities manufacture the highest quality stainless steel chain, wire rope assemblies and custom parts. The in-house capabilities include a product development staff whose tireless efforts, along with valuable input from clients, work to continuously improve and perfect their ever-expanding product line.


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