Jump Start High-Rise Construction With the Space-Lift(TM) System from Symons

The Space-Lift(TM) System is a fully-engineered jump form intended for concrete shear wall applications. The system consists of frame components and a carriage assembly that supports the forming equipment and crew.

The Space-Lift assembly is suspended from Jump Shoes that are bolted to inserts in the concrete wall. The entire assembly remains anchored to the wall during forming operations. Work platforms provide safe access during setting, placing, stripping and finishing activities. Rollback carriages allow the gang form to be retracted from the wall without being removed. All these activities proceed without using valuable crane time.

When the gang form is retracted from a completed section of concrete wall, another set of Jump Shoes can be bolted to the inserts in anticipation of the next lift and the entire process is repeated.

The Space-Lift(TM) system provides these features:

-Standard frame heights up to 16' provides for the higher walls typical in lobby and atrium areas.

-Frame spacing up to 10' on-center adapts to the concrete structure and forming requirements of the project.

-Rollback access ranges from 29" to 35" depending on the Symons forming system being used.

-Trailing platform makes subsequent construction operations, like finishing and welding, more accessible and much safer.

-Unique Curved Wall Bracket provides angle adjustment for curved applications, including tanks and towers (minimum 11' radius).

-Work platform provides sufficient room for the forming crew to set, strip and clean equipment between lifts.

-Entire assembly handled as one unit and landed into Jump Shoes, workers do not need to be on the unit during lifts.

Symons is the oldest and largest full-line manufacturer of labor-saving concrete forming systems, including products like the Space-LiftTM System. Symons forming systems are available through company-owned locations in major metropolitan markets and more than 200 Symons Dealer outlets throughout North America.

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