Joystick Drive/Controller comes with Motion Db software.

Press Release Summary:

Offered with Windows XP microscopy application, NYT-JS addresses needs of cytology slide processing. Combined with Leica ergonomic microscope, it provides hardware and user interface for slide scanning and/or joy sticking across microscope slides to capture multiple cell coordinates while adding screener and reviewer notes. Data, map, and images are stored in MS ACCESS database and can be shared with email or snap review collaboration sessions using instant messaging format.

Original Press Release:

Nymotion LLC Offers the NYT-JS Joystick Drive/Controller with Motion Db Software

The NYT-JS hardware and user interface, as pictured, is a definite purpose OEM version sold with a full featured Nymotion Windows XP microscopy application addressing the unique needs of cytology slide processing. Combined with a Leica ergonomic microscope, NYT-JS is a user interface for slide scanning (one field-of-view at a time) and/or joy sticking across microscope slides capturing multiple cell coordinates (X, Y and Magnification) while adding screener and reviewer notes as the individual cell (coordinate) locations are viewed through the microscope. A reviewer is able to home then play the slide on a different microscope viewing each of the suspect cell locations while viewing the screener's notes and adding new reviewer notes. Descriptive, user defined icons are placed on a screen grid representing the surface of the slide. A paint function provides a visual guide and record of the scanned surface area. A CCD imaging option enables screeners to snap photos of suspect locations, file and comment on these locations then share these images with email or snap review collaboration sessions with intranet colleagues or mentors across the world using a standard instant messaging format . The coordinates, notes, scan map (a record of slide coverage) and multiple images are stored in a Microsoft ACCESS database. Other than selecting an icon (a pull down menu) and adding relevant notes, there are no extraneous key strokes. The data base is automatically updated by clicking on application buttons (capture image or capture coordinates) or simply closing the session or pressing reset to home for the next slide. Captured images are documented with slide ID, date/time stamp and other unique identification numbers.

A general purpose version of NYT-JS is available with the Motion Db software system which can be tailored for other unique microscopy, inspection or positioning systems with X-Y sizing from mm to meters and Mag and or Focus from mm to meters. Capture Coordinate, Capture Image, Document, Store, Recall, Share and Play. Nymotion offers a full range of C++ and motion control application development tailoring the NYT-JS to unique, definite purpose OEM applications.

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