JOY STAMLER BH10H AC Sets New Performance Standards

WARRENDALE, PA - February 2008 - The STAMLER BH10H AC-described as an underground battery hauler that runs as fast with a full load of coal as it does when it's empty-is setting new performance standards, nearly doubling the battery life gains realized since introduced into the coal a year ago, according to the Stamler Battery Hauler Engineering and Development Group of Joy Mining Machinery.

First unveiled as an "innovative design" at MINExpo 2004, the new mid-seam STAMLER battery hauler with alternating current drives recently has completed Phase II in its evolution that Joy said was designed to further enhance the shift battery life power discharge cycle; thus increasing the performance and productivity of the JOY STAMLER battery hauler line of equipment to yet another level, the company reported.

According to Joy, with the introduction in PHASE II of ejector hydraulics and electronic controls, battery life of the mid-seam BH10H AC battery hauler operating on an extended super section was increased 10%. This nearly duplicated the 10 to 12% improvement in per discharge cycle gained during the Phase I implementation period (September 2006 through March 2007), as compared to similar model machines with DC motors and electrical drive packages.

The continuous development of the BH10H AC battery hauler since its introduction at MINExpo and through its initial application at a Midwest underground coal mine last autumn have "taken it to the next level" for underground haulers, according to Joy, and have resulted in high levels of efficiency and productivity.

Joy Mining Machinery, a subsidiary of Joy Global Inc., is a global leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and service of underground mining machinery for the extraction of coal and other bedded materials. For more information on Joy Mining Machinery visit

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