Jotun Introduces New Range of Marine Vessel Coatings for the Middle East Markets

SeaQuantum, SeaForce Antifoulings and SeaLion Fouling Release Coating expected to see major demand in the region

JOTUN, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of paints, coatings and powder coatings, has announced the launch of a new range of marine vessel coatings in the Middle East. The latest range that includes SeaForce Antifouling solutions, SeaQuantum, and SeaLion Fouling Release Coating (FRC) products are expected to witness a major demand from the regional maritime industry.

JOTUN's SeaQuantum is a self-polishing and self-smoothing antifouling agent that offers a drydocking interval of up to 60 months through a predictable fouling protection performance. For a cost-effective solution, JOTUN's SeaForce self-polishing antifouling product offers a drydocking interval of up to 36 months, which can be upgraded to a further 60 months when combined with SeaQuantum. The SeaLion Fouling Release Coating product offers longtime economic benefits through its robust system and excellent fouling release control properties.

"Be it in the residential and commercial real estate sector or in the maritime or industrial sector, JOTUN paints have become synonymous with quality and finish. We are pleased to introduce our latest range of marine vessel coatings in the region, at a time when the regional maritime industry is flourishing as a result of the all round progress and development achieved by the countries in the Middle East," said Bjorn Tveitan of JOTUN Paints.

JOTUN is a global group with 67 companies and 39 production facilities spread across five continents that develops, produces and sells cost-effective paints and coatings products in addition to providing customer service and technical support to residential, marine and industrial markets worldwide. JOTUN Marine Coatings is reputed for its diverse portfolio of products that include SeaQuantum, SeaForce, Jotamastic 87, Balloxy HB Light and Hardtop.

JOTUN has recently secured major contracts for new building and conversion projects from leading drydocking yards in the region, where the company will supply its high-quality marine coatings and provide after sales services.

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