JOT G3 with Tau Enables 100% Test Coverage of Android Devices for Operators

JOT Automation, the leading supplier of test and production solutions, and Profilence, the novel test software provider, introduce an automated test solution for operators enabling a full system test coverage of all types of Android devices. JOT G3 with Profilence Tau speeds up the time-to-market and cuts total costs by testing the entire device in a reliable and repeatable environment. 

JOT G3 with Tau inspects in every detail the operating system and all physical interfaces with real-life use-cases. It is easily adaptable from one device type to another form-factor and one test range to the next one on line. The system is designed for test runs lasting over one hundred hours and heavy reuse of test cases on different devices, making it an ideal operator choice.

“Hundreds of millions Android phones are sold and close to one thousand device variants introduced every year. Operators need to run vast amounts of test cases in very narrow timespans. Our extensive solution is appealing as manual testing is so costly and time-consuming,” said Mika Mämmelä, Business Line Director at JOT Automation.

“The system goes beyond the simple pass/fail information. Our solution provides a deep analysis of every single test case, helping to find the root cause faster. It automatically stores all results, logs, video streams, crash dumps and profiling data to a cloud, securing easy data accessibility for every team member,” emphasizes Mikko Keskitalo, CEO at Profilence.

“Furthermore, the solution has an excellent capability to mimic real-world behaviour by allowing interruptions during testing. For example, it can respond to a text message simultaneously with full speed testing without issues.” 

The companies are demonstrating the test solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 2-5. Visit JOT Automation and Profilence at Hall 5 Stand 5D36.

Further information:

Mika Mämmelä, Business Line Director, Telecom

JOT Automation Ltd. | +358 40 301 5123 |

Mikko Keskitalo, CEO

Profilence Ltd. | +358 50 483 9140 |

JOT Automation Ltd. in brief:

JOT Automation leads the robotics revolution for a better user experience. JOT creates the smartest value with automated test and assembly solutions for smart devices. JOT offers customizable production solutions based on the best applications and modules to enable ultimate designs and performance in minimal forms. The company is a global partner for the industry giants manufacturing smart phones and wearables powered by all the major mobile operating systems.

Profilence Ltd. in brief:

Profilence offers test automation software, Tau, for testing all types of Android devices. Built on cutting-edge technology, Tau extends beyond standard solutions by providing system-wide test coverage, in-depth analysis with a multitude of profiling features, quick test adaptation from one device to another and a cloud-backed working environment. With Tau, operators, device manufacturers and application developers alike can speed up the time-to-market and minimize development and testing costs.

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