John Zink Company's Steam-Assisted Flare Technology Benefits Refineries Despite Today's Rising Energy Costs

TULSA, Okla., Sept. 25, 2008 - John Zink Company's STEAMIZER XP steam-assisted flares have been helping refineries operate more efficiently and cost effectively despite today's rising energy costs.

John Zink's STEAMIZER XP flares have been installed in demanding applications. On-site performance testing has demonstrated that STEAMIZER XP flares meet expectations and exceed the smokeless performance of conventional technology they have replaced.

STEAMIZER XP flares are designed to minimize smoke and reduce steam consumption compared to conventional steam-flare solutions. They also produce extremely stable flames and reduce noise, and are easier to maintain and operate.

STEAMIZER XP flares use up to 30 percent less steam for smoke suppression during flaring operations. In addition, the flares also require less standby steam during day-to-day operation. Innovative mixing, primary air eduction and secondary air entrainment techniques increase smokeless capacity by up to 40 percent for a given steam flow rate.

Customers can call 800-421-9242 for more information on STEAMIZER XP steam-assisted flares and to request a free informational CD.

John Zink Company, LLC is a leading provider of advanced combustion systems and breakthrough technologies worldwide, servicing a wide range of global markets. John Zink branded products include JZ* flares, process burners, duct burners, thermal oxidizers and vapor control systems; KALDAIR* flares; GORDON-PIATT® boiler burners; and KEU(TM) thermal oxidizers and heat recovery systems. John Zink Company is a Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC company. To learn more about John Zink, visit

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