Jinke Will Release 9.7-inch Color ePaper and Infrared Touch Panel Devices

TIANJIN, China, January 3, 2011 - Jinke, the Chinese leading manufacturer of ePaper reading device, announces at CES 2011 that various new models will be released in 2011. The models, each with 9.7-inch color displays and infrared touch panels, are more than was expected. In 2011 electronic ink technology will enter into the era of color; Jinke Company will firstly adopt it and launch color devices to the market. Infrared touch technology is the best solution for ePaper devices and Jinke will release products with this technology in succession.

Jinke, as one of the global leading manufacturers and designers of ePaper reading devices, has released the world's first zero power consumption reading device with the brand Hanlin in 2000. Jinke has developed dozens of models which can support multiple languages, formats and Adobe DRM.

The popular V3 model has sold over a half million units all over the world.
In 2010, Jinke released its new series models, V60, A6, A9 and V90, which have received high review rankings from the industry. With its excellent design capability, professional technical team and individual service, Jinke has many partners throughout the world, and has established a leading position for its Hanlin brand ePaper devices. In 2011, Jinke, an industry groundbreaker, will accelerate the speed of development of the reading community and cloud reading.

Jinke had an amazing show at 2010 CES thanks to models with 9.7- and 9-inch ePaper screens and wireless communication function like 3G and WiFi.

At 2011 International CES, Jinke will let global consumers enjoy the comfortable and professional reading experience brought by the new 9.7-inch color ePaper and infrared touch panel devices.

Jinke booth number: South Hall 4 - Upper Level - 36173, 36174

About Jinke:
Jinke Company, founded in 1985, is one of the early established high-tech enterprises in China, and the earliest manufacturer of paper-like devices in the world. Jinke provides flexible ODM and OEM services to many internationally famous brands. Due to the advantages of quality and cost of product, its distributions cover more than 40 countries and regions. Jinke has become the leading global manufacturer of ePaper reading devices.

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Source: Tianjin Jinke Electronics System Co., Ltd.

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