Jig Mills offer cutting capability of 90 HRC.

Press Release Summary:

YBM Jig Mills feature self-adjusting preload spindle and thermal distortion stabilizing system. Combination of diamond coated cutters and Climb Cut Method results in 3D profile machining of cemented carbide 90 HRC. Applications include forming, drawing, and extrusion dies for automotive, aerospace, and consumer products industries.

Original Press Release:

Yasda Again Raises Hard Milling Standard with the Efficient Machining of Cemented Carbide 90HRC

Elk Grove Village, IL (April 29, 2002) - While many machine tool manufacturers are still working to develop equipment that efficiently hard mills material of 40 or even 50HRC, Yasda now offers cutting capability of an astounding 90HRC. A pioneer in hard milling, Yasda once set the standard at 60HRC.

The combination of specially designed diamond coated cutters and Dr. Fukui's Climb Cut Method on Yasda's YBM high precision jig mills result in efficient 3D profile machining of cemented carbide 90HRC.

With Yasda, carbide tooling applications can now be machined as much as 10 times faster than EDM. Some applications benefiting from this development include forming, drawing and extrusion dies for the automotive, aerospace and consumer products industries. In an example using a cold forging die for an automobile trunnion component part, Yasda's process requires six machining steps and consumes a total of just 6 hours and 8 minutes.

Along with improved productivity, users can expect ultimate precision and greater value from Yasda. Standard features of the YBM Series, like the self-adjusting preload spindle and the thermal distortion stabilizing system, ensure precise and efficient operation. Furthermore, the efficient and rigid machining capabilities of Yasda's jig mills result in a longer cutter life and greatly reduced tooling costs - especially in hard milling applications.

To learn more, contact Yasda Precision America Corporation, 751 Landmeier Road, Elk Grove Village, IL, 60007, Phone: (847) 439-0201, Fax: (847) 439-0260, e-mail: yasda1@yasda.com or look
them up on the internet at: www.yasda.com.

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