Jetty Extracts is a California-Based Company Offering Carefully Crafted Products Made from Natural Cannabis Terpenes

Jetty Extracts is a California-based company offering carefully crafted products made from natural cannabis terpenes. Each product is developed using terpenes that are free from the dangerous influence of pesticides, chemicals, and fillers. The company believes in the power cannabis has to elevate and enrich experiences, whether maintaining a healthy lifestyle rich with creativity or having a medium of relief and relaxation.

Jetty Extracts has a wide and varied range of products available. Their solvent-free vape is manufactured with live rosin, a solvent-free concentrate extracted with only water, ice, heat, and controlled pressure. Live rosin gives customers a high-quality, refined experience for optimum efficacy and offers the plant's natural essence.

Experience the True Essence of the Plant from Start to Finish

Customers can browse Jetty Extracts’ extensive range of products through the well-organized and detailed website. The award-winning Jetty Solventless collection includes vape, live rosin, and cold water hash-infused pre-rolls. The Jetty High THC range offers high THC oil crafted in their Oakland lab from cannabis grown on small farms under direct, pure sunlight. Some products included within their many ranges are as follows:

  • THC Bomb Solventless PAX Era Pod – for those looking for a relaxing, mellow experience, this product promises to offer just that, despite its high THC content.
  • Alien OG High THC Cartridge – this is a product geared toward those looking for a more classic smoking experience.
  • Pineapple Express High THC Cartridge – the pineapple and mango notes offer a fresh flavor to an otherwise classic strain that provides users a creative and highly energetic experience.
  • Blue Dream High THC Cartridge – Blue Dream has been a favorite in the West Coast area for over a decade and is one of the most popular strains of cannabis.

Over nearly a decade of offering premium products, Jetty Extracts has made a large, dedicated customer base. Here’s what some of their customers had to say:

“Wonderful company, great products. I can’t wait to try the new stuff.” – Daniel DeMaio

“The Jetty Dablicator is the ultimate best. Been smoking it for many years. I use a coil that’s wrapped in cotton. Soak the cotton. And it's a smooth, tasty hit. Highly recommend (pun intended)!” – Karmen Prince

“Awesome products (cartridges and the Dablicator™), Spectacular Events like the Kick-Off Summer Social, and wonderful people make Jetty Extracts the pride of Oakland.” – Devlin Francis

“Wellness has been improved with these extracts. The quality of my life has been enriched.” – Frank A. Aguilar

“Thank you for the amazing products. Love all of what you sent me.” – Erin Jessica Hall

About Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts began in 2013 in California with the drive to create the perfect cannabis. The process started with figuring out how to remove harmful additives from their vape, a process that they have been perfecting ever since. They aim to have all of their products reflect their values of never compromising on quality. From growing to extraction to distribution, they strive to be as involved in every step of the process. They use pure cannabis terpenes, free of harmful additives such as pesticides, chemicals, and fillers, to make products that are crafted with care and intention.

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