Jervis B. Webb Company To Unveil New Automatic Guided Carts At NA 2008 Show

Exhibit to Feature Demonstrations of the Company's New SmartCart® Models, as well as a Newly Enhanced SmartLoader® Automatic Trailer Loading Vehicle

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICH. (March 20, 2008) - Jervis B. Webb Company - a subsidiary of Daifuku Co., Ltd., and leading provider of innovative material handling solutions - will introduce four new SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) models at the NA 2008 Show in Cleveland, Ohio. The Webb Company will also showcase a newly enhanced SmartLoader Automatic Trailer Loading AGV and its signature Unibilt enclosed track conveyor system.

"Our customers are constantly looking for ways to increase flexibility and productivity, while increasing their bottom line," said Brian Stewart, Sr. Vice President and COO. "We've added new SmartCart models and options to meet those demands. In fact, our new, low-cost SmartCart Model 50 makes automating warehouses and manufacturing facilities affordable for virtually every business."

"SmartCart is a great alternative for businesses that are constantly changing and expanding, said Bruce Buscher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our new SmartCart models are truly designed to meet your needs whether it's lifting or lowering pallets, conveying heavy loads or small parts or moving your products through the assembly process."

SmartCarts are flexible, cost-effective Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that are guided by magnetic tape. The new Model 50 is ideal for light-duty applications including transporting parts, picking orders or moving pallet loads up to 500 pounds. The new Model 300 Tugger, the heavyweight equivalent of the Model 50, transports loads up to 6,000 pounds.

The new Model 300 Single Conveyor is used in conjunction with heavy-duty roller conveyor systems to deliver loads to and from a stretch wrapper and palletizer, as well as to move loads around a facility. The new Model 300 Counterbalanced Fork is also used for transporting pallets to and from stretch wrapping systems and palletizers, but it doesn't require an on-board roller conveyor since it is equipped with a hydraulic mast and forks. Additionally, the 300 Counterbalanced Fork can be used to place loads on the floor.

The Model 300 SmartCarts at the NA 2008 Show will be equipped with SmartSteer(TM) technology, which enables the AGCs to intentionally leave the physical path and perform programmed functions, then return to the path in either a forward or reverse motion. Without SmartSteer, a SmartCart will automatically stop if it strays more than four inches from the guide path.

Webb's live demonstration will also include the SmartCart Model 200 with a customized scissor lift, which is ideal for lifting and lowering products in assembly operations.

The groundbreaking SmartLoader Automatic Trailer Loading AGV will make another appearance at the NA Show. This time, it is enhanced with Ladar technology, further improving its trailer loading and load sensing capabilities and with an intelligent touch screen graphic display. The Ladar sensor allows SmartLoader to visually identify the position to place and stack loads more precisely. In addition, the Ladar sensor helps SmartLoader determine trailer offset, skew and depth, giving it the ability to load and unload two 48-inch wide pallets at a time.

"Our SmartLoader Automatic Trailer Loading vehicle has created a lot of excitement in the warehousing industry," said Brian Stewart, Sr. Vice President and COO. "Its unique ability to stack pallets as well as load and unload trailers with pinpoint accuracy is truly at the forefront of warehouse automation technology."

The Webb Company will also showcase a Unibilt overhead conveyor system to demonstrate its high-volume production capabilities for assembly operations.

The NA 2008 Show is sponsored by the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) and focuses on the productivity solutions provided by material handling and logistics. The four-day event takes place April 21-24, 2008, at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The Jervis B. Webb Company is in booth # 1602.

About Jervis B. Webb Company

Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku Company, Ltd., is a world leader in developing innovative material handling technology and systems. Webb specializes in the design, engineering, installation and support of integrated systems used in the automotive, airport, beverage, warehousing and manufacturing industries. Webb is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., with manufacturing locations in Harbor Springs and Boyne City, Mich.; Carlisle, S.C.; Canada; India; and China. The company was founded in 1919 by Jervis B. Webb who invented the forged rivetless chain conveyor that helped revolutionize mass production.

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