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JEDEC-Qualified GaN-on-Silicon HEMTs carry 600 V rating.

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JEDEC-Qualified GaN-on-Silicon HEMTs carry 600 V rating.

Mar 26, 2014 - Low-profile, 600 V GaN-based HEMTs (high electron mobility transistors) utilize EZ-GaN™ technology. Supplied in PQFN88 packages, TPH3002LD and TPH3002LS feature 290 mΩ RDS(on), 29 nC Qrr, and low inductance for high-frequency switching capability. They also feature kelvin connection to isolate gate circuit from high-current output circuit and reduce EMI. Supplied in TO220 package, TPH3002PD/TPH3002PS suit smaller, lower power applications such as adapters and all-in-one computer power supplies.

Original Press Release

Transphorm Adds New Devices to Its JEDEC-Qualified 600 V GaN-on-Silicon Family

Press release date: Mar 17, 2014

New devices include PQFN-packaging and smaller die sizes targeting smaller, low-power applications; evaluation boards feature the new devices in totem-pole, LLC and all-in-one power supply circuits

Goleta, CA — Transphorm Inc. today announced at APEC 2014 the industry’s first 600V GaN (Gallium Nitride)-based, low-profile PQFN products and the expansion of its product portfolio in the industry-standard TO220 packages. This follows the introduction of its GaN-on-Silicon transistor family at APEC 2013 as the industry’s first JEDEC-qualified 600V GaN device platform. Transphorm’s 600V GaN HEMTs (high electron mobility transistors) utilize the company’s patented, high-performance EZ-GaNTM technology that combines low switching and conduction losses, reducing the overall system energy dissipation up to 50% compared with using conventional silicon-based power conversion designs.

The new PQFN products, TPH3002LD and TPH3002LS, are offered in widely-used, low-profile PQFN88 packages and feature 290 mΩ RDS(on), 29 nC Qrr and low inductance for superior high-frequency switching capability. The PQFN88-packaged “LD” devices also feature a kelvin connection to better isolate the gate circuit from the high-current output circuit to further reduce EMI.

In addition, the TPH3002PD and TPH3002PS TO220-packaged 600 V GaN HEMTs have been released for use in smaller, lower power applications such as adapters and all-in-one computer power supplies. These devices also feature 290 mΩ RDS(on), 29 nC Qrr and high- frequency switching capability.

“Every year since 2011 we have announced new advancements of our GaN technology at this major tradeshow – and this year is no exception,” said Primit Parikh, President of Transphorm. “Now by introducing the industry’s first qualified 600V GaN PQFN-packaged products, we have increased the types of applications where GaN can enable dramatically more efficient, compact and low-cost solutions. This dispels the widespread misconception that GaN isn’t ready for prime-time.  Once again we’ve shown GaN products are available today and are actually being used in a multitude of real-world applications.”

The TO220-packaged TPH3002PD and TPH3002PS and the PQFN-packaged TPH3002LD and TPH3002LS are available for sale to qualified customers worldwide, directly or through Transphorm’s distribution channels. Additionally, evaluation boards are available with the 600V TO220 GaN HEMT devices in configurations for LLC DC-DC converter, totem-pole PFC and all-in-one power supply.

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