Jacketed Chemical Reactor upgrades to fully automated system.

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Offering temperature range of -90 to +250°C and pressure range of 50 mbar to 3 bar, Globe Reactor System enables vessels from 50 mL to 5 L to use common clamp, lid, circulator, and stand. Spring loaded outlet valve eliminates occurrence of leaks, even at temperature and pressure extremes. Available as single, or vacuum jacketed with wide range of stirring options, Globe can be upgraded using Globe Reactor Master for full automation and data logging, or Syringe Pump for automated reagent dosing.

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Syrris Launches New Jacketed Reactor System That Saves Time, Money and Space

Globe jacketed reactor platform - process perfection

Royston, UK - Syrris, a worldwide provider of lab scale chemistry systems, announce the launch of the easy-to-use Globe jacketed reactor platform at the Spring ACS Expo in Anaheim on 27th March. Designed by chemists to offer ultimate reaction flexibility, this chemical reactor enables vessels from 50 mL to 5 L to use a common clamp, lid, circulator and stand. Furthermore, the oil drain unit and quick clamp allow single handed vessel changes in seconds, increasing efficiency and throughput. Offering the widest range of temperatures (-90 to +250 ºC) and pressures (50 mbar to 3 bar) currently available, this truly flexible system is easily upgradable to a fully-automated system.

Using the same premium quality vessels as the Syrris Atlas jacketed reactors, the spring loaded outlet valve eliminates the occurrence of leaks, even at temperature and pressure extremes. The reactors are available as single, or vacuum jacketed for extreme temperature control and safety with a wide range of stirring options. An innovative stirrer seal and guide allows quick and independent connection to the stirrer motor or shaft, providing a chemically resistant, vacuum tight seal.

Globe is designed with a default temperature range of -40 to +200 ºC, which is further extendable via the addition of temperature upgrade kits. In-reactor temperature probes enable highly accurate control throughout, while the Globe range is fully compatible with almost all circulators. The regular Globe system is suited to atmospheric pressure or vacuum processes as low as 50 mbar, while the Globe 3 bar system is ideally suited for high pressure reactions.

The Globe jacketed reactor systems are easily upgraded using the Globe Reactor Master for full automation and data logging, or the Syringe Pump for automated reagent dosing. Additionally, the Globe Master PC software converts the system into a fully controllable laboratory reactor. For further details, please visit www.syrris.com

Syrris Limited

Established in 2001, Syrris Limited is one of the fastest growing science SMEs in the UK employing over 30 scientists and engineers at its facility in Royston (near Cambridge). With offices in the US, Japan, India and Brazil plus over 30 distributors worldwide, Syrris is world renown for excellence in chemical reactor systems.

Syrris develops laboratory automation products for chemists such as the Atlas automated chemistry systems. Atlas can be configured into a wide range of different systems for controlling round bottom flasks (magnetically and overhead stirred respectively) and jacketed reactors. Atlas systems are designed for applications including reaction calorimetry, volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing, pH, etc.

Syrris also specialize in flow reactors for R&D chemists, including Asia and Africa, modular systems for chemical synthesis, aqueous work-up and reaction optimization. These systems offer faster, cleaner and safer reactions that will ultimately reduce the time taken to develop, synthesize, and review a chemical entity.

In recognition of its technological achievements, Syrris has been awarded a prestigious UK DTI SMART Exceptional Grant and was awarded the "Eastern Region's UKTI Best Established Exporter" and the "Most Outstanding Export Achievement" at the Global Opportunity Conference on International Trade. Syrris has also won a significant DTi MNT (Micro and Nano Technology) award which has been used to establish a subsidiary called The Dolomite Centre Ltd. This company is focused on design and fabrication of Microfluidic devices for a wide range of applications.

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