Iveco Motors of North America Announces Agreement with MQ Power

Full Line of Standby Generators to be Equipped with Iveco Motors NEF and CURSOR Gen-Drives

CAROL STREAM, IL (September, 2006) - IVECO MOTORS of North America, Inc., a Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) company, proudly announces an agreement with Carson, California-based MQ Power, to power their KD Series industrial power generators with IVECO MOTORS' NEF and CURSOR diesel gen-drives. The NEF gen-drives supply net stand-by power outputs from 57 kWm to 215 kWm, and the CURSOR gen-drives supply net stand-by power outputs from 211kWm to 396kWm.

IVECO MOTORS NEF and CURSOR gen-drives will be available on six new MQ Power KD Series models with power outputs from 80kWe up to 420 kWe. The new KD Series powered by IVECO MOTORS NEF and CURSOR gen-drives will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2006.

"We needed to find a supplier whose engines were Tier III compliant," says Jim Rose, director of product management, MQ Power. "IVECO MOTORS Tier III compliant engines entered the North American marketplace at the perfect time, when some manufacturers were not offering Tier III engines, or servicing EPA requirements."

IVECO MOTORS NEF and CURSOR engines are designed with superior technology that meets Tier III emissions requirements. A rear gear drive design enables the noise levels to stay low and improves the cooling performance because of the better airflow on the front section of the engine. The gen-sets require little maintenance, with lubrication oil and filters needing replacement only every 600 hours.

MQ Power will be equipping their lower output generators with IVECO MOTORS NEF 45TM1 and NEF 45TM2. Both are turbocharged, after-cooled engines with 2-valves-per-cylinder, 4-cylinder inline configuration and a displacement of 4.5L. They feature a mechanical fuel injection system that enables the gen-drives to have improved performance, less fuel consumption and lower noise levels. The injection pump is equipped with an electronic governor control system for precise frequency control and fast load response.

MQ Power's mid output generators will be equipped with IVECO MOTORS CURSOR 9, 10 and 13. All CURSOR models are turbocharged, after-cooled engines with 4-valves-per-cylinder, 6-cylinder inline configuration and displacements of 8.7L, 10.3L and 12.9L, respectively. They feature an electronic fuel injection system that enhances performance levels and decreases fuel consumption values to as low as 0.325 lb/hphr. The CURSOR 9 is equipped with an electronic common rail fuel system, and the CURSOR 10 and 13 have an electronic unit injector system.

"We believe IVECO MOTORS is the perfect match for MQ Power," says Rose. "Their NEF and CURSOR gen-drives offer technologically advanced engines with the horsepower range availability that meets the needs of MQ Power's generators."

"MQ Power has an excellent reputation in the power generation market and always provides their customers with highly developed generators," says Vincenzo Perrone, general manager of Iveco Motors of North America. "We are happy that MQ Power chose IVECO MOTORS' engines for their generators, knowing their customers will also benefit from our advanced technology."

MQ Power was not only impressed with IVECO MOTORS' NEF and CURSOR engines' Tier III capabilities and power range, but also the quality, durability and excellent fuel efficiency. MQ Power is looking forward to being the first manufacturer to equip their generators with an IVECO MOTORS V-8 VECTOR engine, which has a net standby power range of up to 750kW. "We are very pleased with the outcome of IVECO MOTORS NEF and CURSOR engines and have already placed an order for their VECTOR engine to power our larger generators," states Rose.

The activities of IVECO MOTORS of North America, together with all the other IVECO MOTORS activities around the world, converged in March, 2005 in the "Industrial & Marine" product line of Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT). The new sector of the Fiat Group integrates all the group's innovation capabilities and expertise in engines and transmissions.

In the last five years all IVECO MOTORS' engine families have been completely renewed adopting advanced technology in emission reduction, and providing solutions that guarantee the highest levels of performance and fuel economy. Applications include industrial machinery (earth-moving equipment, agricultural machinery and stationary powerplants), marine engines (leisure and commercial marine vessels) and power generation.

In order to respond to the demands of the North American marketplace, IVECO MOTORS has operations in Carol Stream, Illinois, to deliver first class service throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States.

IVECO MOTORS of North America offers complete product support and customer service. For more information please call (630) 260-4226 or visit

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