It's Happening: Revolutionary New Technology that Produces Durable, Attractive Cellular PVC Trim is Exceeding Customer Performance Expectations!

PHILADELPHIA-- Specialty materials company Rohm and Haas (NYSE:ROH) recently introduced a major innovation in additives for cellular PVC trim manufacture that is performing even better than expected. The new product, Paraloid(TM) SureCel(TM) foam cell stabilizer, is a completely new technology platform that helps manufacturers, retailers and builders better capitalize on the acclaim and growing demand for cellular PVC trim board products. Compared to similar additives, the new foam cell stabilizer produces lower density cellular PVC for trim boards that still exhibits the same high performance as higher density PVC, enabling manufacturers to lower material costs. Expected densities from Paraloid SureCel are 0.5 to 0.52 g/cc, but the product has exceeded expectations. "We've conducted very successful customer trials at nearly every cellular PVC manufacturer and in some cases, we've seen densities less than .5 g/cc, which should accumulate even greater material savings," says Rob Martin of Rohm and Haas. "The industry has never achieved densities this low, and many believed it couldn't be done. It's great news that helps cellular PVC manufacturers meet the rapidly expanding demand for these products."

The market for cellular PVC building products continues to grow robustly despite housing market downturns and the general economic climate. "Market share has been growing in the face of slow building markets, and projections for 2009 show the same upward trajectory," Martin comments. Cellular PVC trim boards currently claim 10 percent of a two to three billion dollar market in North America. "Paraloid SureCel foam cell stabilizer is a game-changing technology that helps the cellular PVC industry meet increasing consumer demand for this low maintenance, highly durable material," says Clive Grannum, Rohm and Haas vice president and general manager for Packaging and Building Materials, North America. "We believe it's the future of cellular PVC trim board manufacture, and rapidly increasing sales indicate that our customers agree."

Cellular PVC has been winning converts away from traditional wood trim in housing to a look-alike material with exceptional advantages. For exterior trim like fascia, soffits, brick mold, decorative details, window trim, door surrounds and the like, cellular PVC is an extremely durable, attractive option. Its durability is legendary and among the top reasons that builders in harsh climates like coastal areas adopted it early on. Scraping and washing are rapidly becoming obsolete with this modern material since it resists water, weather, insects, sun and mold damage. Staining, splitting and scratching are also far less likely.

These attributes translate directly to far less homeowner maintenance, which builders and homeowners have identified as a major advantage for remodeling and a selling point in new home construction. Outdoor trim of this type in place for five years under the harsh conditions typical at a shore home should look just as fresh as the day it was installed with little or no care. Further, it's likely that nobody but the homeowner and builder will know the trim isn't wood. The material mimics wood's look and weight. It is easily drilled, nailed and painted.

Promotional display manufacturers are not about to be left out, since they find the material excellent for rigid in-store displays that require exacting surface smoothness and good adhesion for inks and coatings applied by silk-screening or digital printing. For promotional displays, light yet rigid cellular PVC displays produced with Paraloid(TM) SureCel(TM) foam cell stabilizer solve many aesthetic and durability requirements demanded by manufacturers and marketers. The ability to produce thicker sheets is an especially inviting feature for these applications.

According to Rohm and Haas this high efficiency acrylic foam cell stabilization technology creates a Perfect Ten for manufacturers.

o Cuts material use by a stunning 10 to 15 percent while producing the same amount of board feet.

o Produces lower density cellular PVC with the same high performance demonstrated by higher density cellular PVC.

o Controlled expansion with less cell collapse.

o Superior cell uniformity across wide sheet dies.

o Reduces blow out concerns.

o For the very first time, enables thicker gauge sheets up to 1.5 inches thick, expanding opportunities and reducing production time for millwork and other molded products.

o Exhibits a lower gloss that enhances paint adhesion.

o Processes at a lower temperature, reducing decomposition and yellowing risks.

o Exhibits excellent viscosity and easily substitutes on existing machinery.

o Simple and straightforward substitution for previous technology.

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