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Designed for fiber optic networks, FlowLine 500-F helps IT administrators detect, analyze, and prevent issues such as excessive or anomalous bandwidth usage, undesirable applications/traffic, and server attacks. There are 2 SFP ports for data and one dedicated combined port (SFP+RJ45) for out-of-band management, allowing connection over copper or fiber networks. Solution can be deployed transparently, inline or via TAP (passive monitoring mode), in any network environment.

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GigaFin Networks Boosts Visibility, Control and Flexibility with New Network Analysis and Remediation Offerings

GigaFin introduces fiber version of high performance FlowLine appliance, adds passive monitoring to increase fit with existing networks

CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 13 -- GigaFin Networks today announced enhancements that boost performance, control and flexibility options for users of its network traffic analysis and remediation appliances.

GigaFin has introduced the FlowLine 500-F, a fiber version of its FlowLine appliance, enabling it to operate in high performance fiber optic networks. GigaFin has also added passive monitoring capabilities for its SlimLine and FlowLine appliances, opening new deployment capabilities for users not wishing to run traffic monitoring inline on the network. GigaFin's appliances are designed to help IT administrators quickly and easily detect, analyze and prevent issues such as excessive or anomalous bandwidth usage, undesirable applications, and server attacks.

"My goal is to make sure the network is running effectively and that we have adequate bandwidth for core curricular applications, so it's important to ensure that the students are not misusing their network access," said Scott Woodall, Technology Coordinator of Union County School Board. "We need to act like detectives when the system slows down or threats are detected, so we can find the problem and shut it down. As soon as we installed the GigaFin appliance, it showed three machines sending out a large amount of UDP data to a single IP address in Australia, which was not normal. This allowed us to determine where the traffic was originating and shut down the offending applications."

William Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at GigaFin Networks, said, "We have seen instant interest in our solutions from customers who have dynamic, open networks like those seen in school districts. We have heard firsthand from our customer that it only takes a few seconds to overrun a network with excessive bandwidth usage, so visibility into traffic and the ability to undertake rapid control are key requirements. We are committed to developing solutions that give IT administrators a simple and effective way to identify and stop the offending user or application in their tracks. "

The GigaFin FlowLine 500-F appliance is the newest addition to GigaFin's range of network traffic analysis and remediation (NAR) devices. Designed for optimal performance in high bandwidth fiber optic networks, the FlowLine 500-F enables IT administrators to probe and remediate traffic flows at high speed, achieving greatly increased visibility into usage patterns, and protecting their network from undesirable traffic and bandwidth drainage. The FlowLine 500-F has two SFP ports for data and a dedicated combined port (SFP+RJ45) for out-of-band management allowing network administrators to connect over copper or fiber networks. A video demonstration featuring the FlowLine appliance series can be viewed on YouTube at

GigaFin appliances are deployed transparently, either inline or in the newly supported TAP (passive monitoring mode), in any network environment to provide real-time session monitoring and instant control of network bandwidth. Passive monitoring mode is often used when inline deployment is not feasible. In passive monitoring mode, the GigaFin device is connected to a mirrored switch port to conduct non-intrusive traffic analysis, enabling the IT administrator to monitor bandwidth usage offline from network traffic. More information is available at

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GigaFin Networks simplifies network traffic analysis, control, and security from within the infrastructure, improving the efficiency of networks and protecting against undesirable usage. GigaFin's affordable, high-speed appliances enable users to maximize the value of their networks without performance degradation or infrastructure changes. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, GigaFin was founded in December 2002, holds four patents related to its proprietary architecture, and has received funding from leading VC firms Sevin Rosen Funds, Worldview Technology Partners and Incubic Venture Capital. Further information on the company can be found at

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