ISSYS Inc. Awarded Patent for Catheter-Delivered, Wireless, Batteryless, Implantable Sensors

Ypsilanti, Michigan, - Integrated Sensing Systems, Inc. (ISSYS) announced that the U.S Patent Office has granted a patent titled "Delivery System, Method, and Anchor for Medical Implant Placement" (US Patent No. 7,860,579 B2). This patent covers advanced methods for utilizing miniature, wireless, batteryless, implantable sensors anchored within the heart, as well as other organs, for non-invasive monitoring of cardiovascular biological pressures.

ISSYS' wireless, batteryless, sensor and the anchor are delivered via a catheter in an outpatient procedure. The biocompatible anchor allows the miniature telemetric sensor to be stabilized within the heart and monitor left atrium pressure. This is a very difficult task due to the stringent biocompatibility requirements of the left heart. The novel anchor manufacturing renders highly reliable anchors demanded by the chronic nature of cardiac sensors. ISSYS' miniature sensors can also be anchored in two other ways: open heart surgery, and minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Nader Najafi, ISSYS CEO, stated that, "The particular targets of ISSYS products are cardiovascular disease, especially congestive heart failure (CHF), hydrocephalus (high brain pressure), and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). ISSYS plans to start its cardiovascular clinical studies in 2011. ISSYS' intellectual properties (patents, know how, and trade secrets) cover a wide spectrum including MEMS pressure sensors, the overall system, delivery and anchoring, and a variety of medical applications. Another major competitive advantage for ISSYS is its newly expanded manufacturing facility that is capable of producing tens of thousands of the miniature implants per year."

Company Background: ISSYS is a leader in advanced MEMS technologies for industrial, medical, microfluidic and scientific analytical sensing applications. Founded in 1995, ISSYS is one of the oldest independent MEMS companies in the US. ISSYS operates a comprehensive, state-of-the-art MEMS fabrication facility located near Ann Arbor, Michigan. ISSYS is currently registered to ISO 9001:2008 and to EN13980:2002 for its ATEX (intrinsically safe) products. ISSYS' Quality System is also designed to meet the ISO13485:2003 standard for Class III medical devices. ISSYS is a vertically integrated company dedicated to developing and manufacturing system-level products based on MEMS technology (MEMS Inside), please visit:
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