Isolated, Encapsulated DC/DC Converters suit harsh environments.

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Offering efficiency ratings of 88%, SPM series comprises 5-sided shielded converters that measure 25.4 x 25.4 x 10.41 mm and incorporate PWM technologies and synchronous rectification techniques. SPM15 series is designed for applications that require Vin ranges of 9–36 V or 18–75 V @ 15 W, while SPM25 series covers applications requiring Vin from 36–75 V @ 25 W. Both series provide single output voltages of 3.3, 5, or 12 Vdc, and SPM15 further offers 15 Vdc output option.

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Highly Reliable Encapsulated DC-DC Converters for Harsh Environment Applications with 88% Efficiency

Murata today announced the SPM series of low power isolated DC-DC modules designed specifically for use in electronic equipment that will be subject to harsh environments such as outdoor communications, applications with little or no forced air cooling, smart grid and industrial process control equipment. The SPM15 series is designed for applications that require Vin ranges of 9-36V or 18-75V @ 15W. The SPM25 series covers applications that require Vin = 36-75V @ 25W.

These compact, 5-sided shielded, encapsulated converters, measuring 25.4 x 25.4 x 10.41 mm offer an industry standard footprint, incorporate the latest PWM technologies, automated assembly processes and synchronous rectification techniques to achieve one of the industry's highest energy efficiency ratings of 88%. A thermally conductive encapsulation material greatly improves the thermal performance in applications where there is little or no airflow, provides a stable platform for environments where dirt & dust, vibration or extreme temperature variations are likely to occur during normal operation.

The SPM15 & SPM25 series provides single output voltages of 3.3, 5 or 12 VDC. In addition, the SPM15 has a 15 VDC output option. The SPM15 is available with two wide input range options of 9 – 36 VDC or 18 – 75 VDC. The SPM25 accommodates an input range around a 48 VDC nominal from 36 – 75 VDC. The operating temperature range is from – 40 degrees C to + 85 degrees C, designed for use in the most demanding environments.

Protection features include over-current, over-temperature and under-voltage lockout. Basic insulation provides input to output isolation of 1,600 VDC.

The SPM15 and SPM25 series of encapsulated isolated DC-DC modules are ideal for use in high-reliability industrial process control, smart grid and transportation infrastructure equipment.

"We are excited to offer the SPM series of DC/DC converters to systems design engineers as it provides them a solution for the most demanding, high reliability applications." says Bill Smith, Director of Marketing, Board Mount Power, for Murata Power Solutions.

OEM pricing as low as $16.25. The lead-time is 12-14 weeks for production units. Samples of certain models are available from stock.

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Murata Power Solutions, Inc.,

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Tel: +1-508-339-3000 Fax: +1-508-339-6356


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Murata Power Solutions ( is headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, with over 1,300 employees worldwide. Murata Power Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes DC-DC Converter, AC-DC Power Supply, Magnetic and Digital Panel Meter product lines, and offers these products in custom, standard and modified-standard variations. Murata Power Solutions products are typically used within electronic applications serving major global market sectors including telecommunications, computing and industrial controls.

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