ISM Fills Void by Expanding Short Run Manufacturing Services

Englewood, Colorado – Industrial Specialties Mfg. (ISM) has expanded its facilities to provide short run miniature pneumatic and fluidic flow control component customization services here in the U.S. ISM custom services now support projects of any size, from a handful of prototype parts to thousands of assemblies. This expansion fulfills pent up demand for low volume manufacturing services frequently expressed by OEMs and process engineers. When other contract manufacturers have been unable or unwilling to take on short production runs, ISM can now provide these services. According to James Davis, ISM president, "When you think there's no solution to your outsourcing requirement, ISM has the solution."

ISM is sensitive to marketplace demand for greater flexibility and faster response times. This need drives the continuous development of their part customization proficiencies. They feel this support provides business partners and customers with the capability to stay ahead of market developments.

ISM has continually built upon and maintained a deep catalog of miniature pneumatic and fluidic components while at the same time advancing their ability to customize miniature fittings. They attribute the sophistication of their design and customization services to decades of experience and a keen attention to quality. This makes it possible for ISM to develop consistently unique solutions to flow-control component needs.

ISM believes custom component modification services are a necessity, not a convenience and see themselves as uniquely capable of providing design and fabrication services here in the U.S. that help customers remain competitive.

A typical recent example of this was when a long-time customer wanted to develop a unique industrial tubing assembly. As the OEM system design evolved over time, space became an issue and component size became critical. ISM worked to help develop new options that incorporated multiple functions into single components. The final solution provided much needed space savings with the added bonus of faster and easier final assembly.

ISM is ISO 9001:2008 certified. These are strict quality control processes that guide their custom projects. ISM's trained technicians are equipped and trained to fabricate, assemble and adapt unique connector configurations.

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