Is Your Company NERC Compliant?

Utilize Eagle Eye Power Solutions for your Battery Maintenance Needs

NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) develops and enforces reliability standards for the U.S. Electricity Industry and works to improve the reliability of North America's bulk power system. All energy and utility organizations involved in electricity generation and transmission must make their facilities NERC compliant.

As of March 15, 2012 NERC is changing their enforcement process for possible violations. NERC has filed more than 500 notices of penalty and distributed more than $18 million dollars in fines since June 2008. NERC has more than 3,300 active compliance matters that still need to be processed.

To combat this backlog, NERC is changing their policies to streamline the violation process, in order to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to resolve minor violations. The new "Find, Fix, Track and Report (FFT)" initiative will apply to violations that are of "minimum risk" to reliability. The violations will still be publicly identified and it will show they are the receiving the FFT procedure. What does this mean for your company? NERC will be able to get through more utility inspections each year as the process becomes easier and more streamlined.

To assure you are in compliance, utilize Eagle Eye Power Solutions as your battery testing resource for NERC standards. We offer customizable NERC product solutions to keep you in compliance with the battery reliability standard - PRC-005-2 (which merges PRC-005-1, PRC-005-1a, PRC-008, PRC-011, and PRC-017 Revised Aug '11). Our solutions include our All-in-One NERC Testing kit - including a digital hydrometer & portable ohmic battery tester. We also offer Load Banks for your NERC Load Testing needs. See for more details!

Eagle Eye Power Solutions works to ensure every employee and representative of our company is properly trained to understand our products and our core values. From the initial contact with the customer, through the education & sales process and continuing with post-sales support - we are there for our customers every step of the way! At EEPS we focus on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships ("lifetime customers").

EEPS is your #1 source for Resistance Testers, Digital Hydrometers, Battery Monitoring and Load Banks.

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