Irvine Sensors Qualifies New Stacking Process

Converts Industry-Standard TSOPs to Stacked BGA Packages

COSTA MESA, Calif., April 19 / -- Irvine Sensors Corporation (Nasdaq: IRSN; Boston Stock Exchange: ISC) announced today that it has qualified a proprietary process for converting semiconductor chips originally packaged in Thin Small Outline Packages ("TSOPs") into stacked assemblies with Ball Grid Array ("BGA")attachments.

Joe Carleone, Chief Product Officer of Irvine Sensors, said, "We have qualified the first of our NeoChip(TM) family of products. NeoChip technology permits the complete 3D integration of heterogeneous assemblies of known good die that originate in a conventional package, such as a TSOP, which after 3D integration becomes an even denser ball grid array package. These packages are only slightly larger than the largest chip in the stack. The NeoChip process qualification used standard DDR-1 DRAM memory chips from Micron Technology, Inc. These chips were packaged and burned in prior to entering the NeoChip process, eliminating the concern with the infant mortality issues that have plagued the nascent 3D electronics elsewhere. This process was made all the more challenging because of the techniques used to achieve heterogeneity. NeoChip stacks exploit Irvine Sensors patented "tee" connects, which we believe will virtually eliminate high inductances and capacitances experienced by conventional 3D electronics. This first NeoChip product is composed of memory chips and can include a memory controller and other closely related chips. Future products, already at the prototype stage, are expected to involve entire electronics systems, including a version that replicates a personal computer."

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Irvine Sensors Corporation, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, is primarily engaged in the development and sale of miniaturized infrared and electro-optical cameras, image processors and stacked chip assemblies, the sale of optical systems and components through its Optex Systems, Inc. subsidiary and research and development related to high density electronics, miniaturized sensors, optical interconnection technology, high speed network security, image processing and low-power analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for diverse systems applications.

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